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  1. HousingOfficer

    Woody Allen...Yes or No?

    Annie Hall, Manhattan, Radio Days, Bullets over Broadway, Play it Again Sam, Love and Death....Masterpieces A big YES for me
  2. HousingOfficer

    Do you believe in God (Or a HigherPower)...Yes or No ?

    No long winded answers please....just cut to the chase. Yes:thumb:
  3. HousingOfficer

    Thank you so much Morrissey

    For all the wonderful music and helping me to make sense of my late adolescence, early 20's. Personal High's Unloveable Hand that Rocks the Cradle Please Please Please..... Still Ill Well I wonder Vicar in a Tutu Stretch out and Wait Some Mothers..... And more recently...
  4. HousingOfficer

    I am now a 'Senior Member'.....

    Is that a good thing?:confused:
  5. HousingOfficer

    Oh, The Alcoholic Afternoons

    A Blatant Plug and I apologise in advance....
  6. HousingOfficer

    Isn't Dad's Army Brilliant

    As a man in my mid 40's Dads Army was always on as a child and I never really appreciated it. It's not Laugh Out Loud stuff but something beautifully nostalgic about it and Characters to die for. "They don't like it up 'em"....Some do Jonesy :blushing:
  7. HousingOfficer

    Sheila Takes a Bow and passes wind as she does so.

    An article to be published in the British Journal of Medicine on Thursday provides unequivocal evidence that Australian women fart more per head than any other nationality in the world. :blushing::blushing::blushing:
  8. HousingOfficer

    Best ever lyric ?

    Morrissey is generally acclaimed to be the greatest ever lyricist but what is your personal favourite. He obviously has many but if I had to pick it would be from 'Still Ill' And if you must, go to work - tomorrow Well, if I were you I wouldn't bother For there are brighter sides to...
  9. HousingOfficer

    'I wear Black on the outside'

    Do you now think Mozza wears 'Black on the outside' because it's slimming?;)
  10. HousingOfficer

    What odds on Mozza ever going on 'I'm a Celebrity'?

    If you were Paddy Power what odds would you set on Morrissey ever going on 'I'm a Celebrity get me out of here'?......He'd never eat the Bush tucker so 100/1....Johnny Rotten went on it.
  11. HousingOfficer


    I read with interest an interview Mozza gave in the Guardian back in 2005. In it he claimed Linda McCartney was the only women he's met who, had circumstances been different, he would have contemplated marrying.....great choice Mr M, she was a special lady.
  12. HousingOfficer

    'I'm a true Red' admits Mozza

    Morrissey talked about his love of Manchester United on One United website....'People don't see me as a Football fan for some reason but when I'm on tour or out of the country I never miss a game on Sky. In my mind Scholes is greatest footballer in the modern age'....Perhaps a rewrite "Ginger...
  13. HousingOfficer

    Will Brixton O2 sell out in morning?

    If so how quick?
  14. HousingOfficer

    Will The Smiths ever reform?

    Will Morrissey and Marr ever get together again and perform publically?. I'm 45, will it ever happen in my lifetime, James did.
  15. HousingOfficer

    A Morrissey song that hasn't been written yet

    Any good ideas for a title to a typical Morrissey song?. My own effort............ "Lady to Ladette"
  16. HousingOfficer

    What's the apeal in Morrissey's lyrics for women ?

    I can totally understand certain men relating to Morrissey / The Smiths lyrics. They are often about not fitting into the typical 'Male/Macho' stereotype and the emotional problems this can cause. But what do women get from his lyrics ? This is a genuine question and not meant to wind...
  17. HousingOfficer

    Worst ever Smiths/Morrissey song

    The Smiths...Not overly keen on 'Death of a Disco dancer' Morrissey.....'Hairdresser on Fire'. The proviso being ofcourse that ever the worst of Mozzer is better than the Best of everyone else.
  18. HousingOfficer

    Will Morrissey become the first President of Europe? He gets my vote everytime.
  19. HousingOfficer

    The Smiths/Morrissey Convention

    Is there an annual Smiths/Morrissey Convention in the UK or does it take either Morrissey or Marr to die to get one established ? It would be very well attended if there was one.
  20. HousingOfficer

    Does he or doesn't he ?

    I have read a lot of threads suggesting that Morrissey's ill health is down to an over consumption of alcohol . Well he wouldn't be the first genius to drink too much. Peter Cook (In my mind the best comic ever) said he found life/people dull and uninspiring and needed drink to kill the...
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