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    that smiths demo lp thing

    anybody got a link? the one with the horny frankly? couldn't find it. sorry if it's right there. thanks in advance.
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    Lausanne rescheduled for Dec. 13, 2014

    just got an email saying the lausanne show has been rescheduled for December 13. HopeInHisPaleEyes posted: Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren Folgender Event musste leider VERSCHOBEN werden: Morrissey Les Docks, Lausanne NEUES DATUM: 13.12.2014 Altes Datum...
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    anything planned for after the dublin show?

    that is my question. i would like to know.
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    favourite live vocals

    what are your favourite live vocals? i'm not really into the bootlegs. heard a few. maybe one of you could point out the good ones. i absolutely love the vocals towards the end of i like you from live at earls court. he sounds f***ing deranged. it's amazing.
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    stuff you'd love morrissey to do

    i'm sure many if not all of these things have been brought up before. oh well... 1. acoustic shows 2. full orchestra shows 3. multiple night full album residency thing 4. hang out and drink some beers 5. novel 6. book tour what else?
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    life's little pleasures

    1. cold porcelain against your balls as you piss in the sink. over to you...
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    picture request

    anyone have a big high quality version of the you have killed me cover with moz checking his watch without the text? thanks in advance.
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    Morrissey injured - out of hospital

    trouble bloody loves him.
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    At the Smithsfest at the ICA in London back in March, I met a girl. She was there with her boyfriend at the time. The three of us got to talking and were getting along pretty well. It turned out that we were all planning on going to the same show a couple of weeks later. The girl gave me her...
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