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    Morrissey Central: Blue Rondo A La Turk

    I probably have far too much time on my hands. Usually the Blue Rondo a la Turk (Band) Wikipedia page gets fewer than fifty hits a day. On 27/5/19 it had 274. What's going on??!!
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    The Independent lists Morrissey Desert Island Discs interview as one of her Top 10

    The Independent has a story on its website about presenter Kirsty Young stepping down, for medical reasons, from her role of interviewer for the BBC Radio 4 programme 'Desert Isand Discs'. It lists - presumably in their view - her Top 10 interviews,on DID. It says "The Smiths frontman is...
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    James Maker - brief statement re: Morrissey via Facebook (27 June, 2019)

    I wouldn't feel like wearing a T-shirt with Morrissey's eek on it if I disagreed with what he says. So no, I don't need to take his side or wear his T-shirts. Agreed there are many talented artists and I enjoy them.
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    James Maker - brief statement re: Morrissey via Facebook (27 June, 2019)

    No, I've learned that I really don't need Morrissey. I've been buying his records starting with the release of What Difference Does it Make, and I've been coming to Morrissey-Solo since 1994 or whenever, so it is admittedly a fairly hard habit to break. I've taken his side side in so many '...
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    James Maker - brief statement re: Morrissey via Facebook (27 June, 2019)

    James Maker, as he's a good friend of Morrissey's, should explain to him how he is being perceived because of the people he's choosing to align with. As for waving around the idea that Morrissey may never record another album, that is simply another example of distracting from the issues without...
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    The Independent - Morrissey Central (25/6/2019)

    I wonder how Morrissey's outlook has been influenced, if at all, by the effect of the murder of his cousin, who he said was murdered in 2005.
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    The Guardian and the Morrissey Vendetta by Fiona Dodwell - tremr

    The Guardian has 478 articles on its website listed as mentioning Morrissey - they are no means all about him. By comparison the same paper lists 567 articles mentioning Paul McCartney and 184 mentioning Iggy Pop. Many articles are of course news about forth coming releases including an article...
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    Peter Katsis statement: "All this over a pin?" - Morrissey Official FB (24 May, 2019)

    Can anyone tell me what the "pin" / badge had on it? I'm a bit out of the loop.
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    "Because This Is How I Am" - SER / Morrissey Central (24 May, 2019)

    He doesn't seem to be un-aligning himself with "For Britain". I find that disappointing.
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    Thank you Morrissey

    I've got news for you: you still ARE at quite a young age :wink:
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    Moz/Band at work, apparently

    #TriniLopez "Gonna Get Along Without Ya Now"
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    Mozzer mentioned again on BBC Radio 4's The Archers

    Oh how do I change the title of this? It's supposed to be Mozzer not Moser. Bloody computer.
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    Mozzer mentioned again on BBC Radio 4's The Archers

    In today's lunchtime episode (originally broadcast Wednesday 25th July) Chris Carter discusses his best man's speech that he's prepared for the marriage of Fallon Rogers to police constable Harrison Burns. When told by his wife Alice that the speech is a bit dull he says he knows little of...
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    Russell Mael 'disillusioned’ by Morrissey’s recent comments

    "When you peel it back and bite me"
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    'I’ve Been Dreaming Of A Time When...' statement; "For Britain" support - Morrissey Central
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    Morrissey's Cat - Morrissey Central

    So it's a "Bengali in cat form"?. Boom-tish! :lbf:
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    Morrissey's Cat - Morrissey Central

    Simply to say that there's a photo of "Morrissey's cat" at Morrissey Central as Tweeted by Sam Etsy Rayner. Well that makes everything all right again. I like the cat but......
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