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  1. imogen11

    Who is easier to live with: boys or girls?

    I'm currently having to find a new sharehouse, which is about as much fun as an enema, and I need some help here. Just got back from checking out a house that is just what I'm looking for in many ways: PERFECT location, pretty good price, HUUUGE room, horrid 70s carpet..uh..hang on...
  2. imogen11

    How Many Five Year Olds Could You Take In A Fight? :D
  3. imogen11

    Did Nugz make it on stage???

    The suspense is killing me..... did she!? :)
  4. imogen11

    Moz soundbite re this site!

    Okay, so it's 5 years old, but i came across this 2002 Janice Long radio interview and they actually discuss this site. Now for those of you who like to think Morrissey visits from time to time, here's the final word... Transcript: Janice: "So you don't check out your own website? Well, it...
  5. imogen11

    What's your favourite Moz mannerism?

    Look, it get's really boring round here whilst the rest of you in the northern hemisphere are asleep, so let's analyse the shi*t out of him. What's your favourite Moz Mannerism?? Is it the lip chewing?? The tongue in cheek thang? The ear-touching? I hear some of you like the moob...
  6. imogen11

    Where on earth is Duchess of Fork?!

    ?? :confused:
  7. imogen11

    Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

    Does anybody have any information on how this film influenced Morrissey? Are there any direct references in his songs? Does anybody have any quotes relating to it's influence or any of their own theories? Cheers! :)
  8. imogen11

    Morrissey & Depression

    I know Morrissey has admitted to having suffered depression but am just wondering if anybody has any links to interviews or quotes he has made in regards to this. I'm just curious. I do recall Linder (from memory - I think it was her) talking about the depression he suffered during the ill-fate...
  9. imogen11

    Morrissey and Linder

    I read an interview yesterday that made reference to Miserable Lie and it got me thinking. Morrissey refers to a 'rented room in Whalley Range' and he did live in Whalley Range for a year with Linder and somebody else...I can't recall who.. Anyhow, if you think about the rest of the lyrics, I...
  10. imogen11

    Morrissey shy???

    Just curious to know what others think. Morrissey has often sung about shyness and it would appear, from what he says, that he was very shy whilst growing up, but would you still describe him as shy?? I don't know...being a shy person myself, I always find it hard to reconcile someone...
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