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  1. Lazarus

    Any 2014 TV performances?

    So erm, I was thinking about watching videos on YT from recent material from the new album, and suddenly I realised that there was absolutely none (!). Am I right ? There are usually plenty of Moz tv live performances on evening shows or elsewhere, but this time, what's going on ? :confused:
  2. Lazarus

    Very rare Smiths Belgian TV footage

    Hello a friend of mine working at the (main) national tv station in Brussels sent me this link today, where you can watch a young Moz and the band mime to TCMan on the belgian (rock) tv show 'Generation 80', broadcasted 19dec 1983. What i can remember was that there was also an interview with...
  3. Lazarus

    Refusal LP sold on the current tour

    I happened to buy one yesterday night at Esch's Rockhal gig and all copies around me (as well as mine) were (pre-)signed by Morrissey. How can one be sure it's the Master himself who signed all those ? I have seen several writings by Moz and this one on the vinyls doesn't look very much like...
  4. Lazarus

    Did Moz got his ring stolen in Lille ?

    hello could someone confirm what my friend says, yesterday night while giving hand to the crowd, someone nicked his right hand ring. I didn't notice, she only told me afterwards, but i can recall a moment when after shaking hands in the audience once Moz looked puzzled at his hand and made a...
  5. Lazarus

    Video archives played before gig

    Yesterday in Esch (Luxemburg) there were plenty of (sometime boring) old vintage vids of -apparently- Moz heroes. Has this happened before in the tour ? I've seen him twice this year and there was just music played as usual but yesterday we were treated (...) Sacha Distel, Brigitte...
  6. Lazarus

    Rockhal Esch (LUX) pics anyone ?

    :confused: thanks if you have & post them
  7. Lazarus

    Iwanttheoneicanthave Paris bside ?

    hello i've just bought this off Itunes & it mentions 'live in Paris' but from what tour ??? i was there for the Quarry tour & also this year at the Olympia but Moz didn't play that song by then. is there more info on the vinyls ? :confused:
  8. Lazarus

    PS3 delayed for Europe

    March 2007 now. :mad: :mad: :mad:
  9. Lazarus

    The Veils

    2nd album from this great great band. please check it out, it's due out mid-sept in the UK, already out in benelux and available on your usual DL sites buy the real stuff afterwards "Advice for the young mother to be" is a killer pop song ! :) for the...
  10. Lazarus

    [REQ] Carling Festival 2004 dvd artwork

    [REQ] Carling Reading Festival 2004 dvd artwork :confused:
  11. Lazarus

    [REQ] Carling Festival 2004 artwork

    sorry double post
  12. Lazarus

    NY Dolls new album

    Out now, for those interested. I personnally didn't even know they were reforming & what the line-up is.
  13. Lazarus

    Smiths original albums Japan ltd re-released

    Saw this in my upcoming releases sheets at my shop. All Smiths albums will be re-releases in "cardboard ltd edition sleeves" (cd). No other information about extra-tracks (which we all have anyway) but for the collectors, here's another way to spend one's money. (and i might be one of them)...
  14. Lazarus

    [REQ] Hultsfred2004 DVD artwork

    In case someone has made one, please post. thanks a lot.
  15. Lazarus

    [REQ] Pinkpop in AVI or MPEG file ?

    Come on, someone must have made it by now ? Thanks.
  16. Lazarus

    Studio 54 ?

    Does anyone have that rare Studio54 Smiths in Barcelona video file ? who knows... :confused:
  17. Lazarus

    Claude Brasseur / Band of outsiders Moz influence there apparently
  18. Lazarus

    Gang / IBEH 12" released soon

    Saw both references on a release sheet (benelux importer indeed, maybe worldwide anyway) So it's being released for good. :)
  19. Lazarus

    TYWTMLoved bsides previews (a preview of the new song is on the other single format too) ..but aren't working yet, very soon they will, i guess
  20. Lazarus

    YouTube vids

    Is there any way to save them on one's HD ? :confused: how ? thanks a lot for helping
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