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  1. pubrockcoma

    Article: Margaret Thatcher dead: Morrissey blasts former PM as "barbaric" just hours after her death

    I'm not preaching anything,& your right I was effectively too young to feel the effects of many of her policies,(as I said I don't believe she got everything correct (it's an impossible job) but it is a remarkable life and impact she made, my generation grew up with an all powerful woman...
  2. pubrockcoma

    Article: Margaret Thatcher dead: Morrissey blasts former PM as "barbaric" just hours after her death

    Re: Article: Margaret Thatcher dead: Morrissey blasts former PM as "barbaric" just ho When people talk of thatcher its always the coal miners that get mentioned, usually neglecting to mention that Scargill was the true destroyer of the NUM & a scheming money grabber as it turned out for...
  3. pubrockcoma

    "The Last Of The Famous International Playboys" re-release sleeve shown on EMI website

    To think morrissey himself slags off the original maladjusted LP cover which in itself , while being crap, is still so above these efforts horrible artwork....just embarressing really.
  4. pubrockcoma

    Waterbury, CT - Palace Theater (Oct. 6, 2012) post-show

    If moz played venues in the uk like that with no crowd barrier / audience pit the gig would last about one song as people piled onstage:-)lol
  5. pubrockcoma

    Morrissey statement Aug 3, new drummer Anthony Burulcich -

    Nice to see moz enjoyed the Edinburgh gig as much as we all did As for the olympics, I'm actually incredibly proud of being British at this point, the whole event has been incredible (I was getting a bit carried away watching the rowing earlier on today ...yeah that's right, the rowing !!! I'm...
  6. pubrockcoma

    Edinburgh, Scotland - Usher Hall (July 30, 2012) post-show

    great review Anon...captured the gig so well...i really believe that theatres/gig spaces like the usher hall is really the place to see morrissey these days.... also just seen / read a review from the independent...
  7. pubrockcoma

    Edinburgh, Scotland - Usher Hall (July 30, 2012) post-show

    Brilliant gig by moz. Setlist changed from previous nights: Lovely touch when guy near the front had microphone and mentioned his friend who had passed away this year, moz then dedicated next song to him (Kevin Roberts) Band had 'COSH' on their tshirts , boz in drag Several stage invaders at...
  8. pubrockcoma

    Edinburgh date (July 30) - TTY

    cheers for the presale link, tickets bought. only managed dunfermline on the last tour so looking forward to this.
  9. pubrockcoma

    Dunfermline, Scotland - Alhambra Theatre (June 20, 2011) post-show

    overall, 7/10 gig for me, at times he was superb, the version of speedway they played being best rendition i've heard of that song, at other points a bit lacking...playing 3 new songs in a row, then moaning about the crowd reaction seems a bit retorical...mix the songs in better...cover version...
  10. pubrockcoma

    Chances of a signed wea version of cd being genuine

    I take it that's a rough trade tape though I just find the odds of someone getting the four members to sign the wea cd years after unlikely, the sigs do look similar ( I have a couple of signed rough trade albums which I believe up be genuine after talking with the seller, this cd though, my...
  11. pubrockcoma

    Chances of a signed wea version of cd being genuine

    A dear friend of mine purchased a signed, by all four smiths, version of the queen is dead, they were obviously doing so with goodwill to get me such a gift, trouble is I don't see this as being possibly genuine and reading between the lines know they spent considerable amount on it.(item has...
  12. pubrockcoma

    wanted - moz bobblehead (either of the 2 designs)

    yeah i sent them a pm on facebook. see what happens. meant to buy the 2 design before xmas as i knew i had this birthday coming. cheers
  13. pubrockcoma

    wanted - moz bobblehead (either of the 2 designs)

    anyone able to help me out with a bobblehead as a birthday gift for someone?
  14. pubrockcoma

    now a cd single version of the smiths 7" boxset

    apologies if already discussed (had a wee look couldn't see anything on it) june 29th. this is perhaps one cash cow too many for me after forking out for the 7" boxset
  15. pubrockcoma

    Glasgow meet up?

    made it on stage during first of the gang..very bizarre moment:cool:...still getting some banter about it from people at work who think i'm nuts:crazy: 31 and gettting thrown out the barras:blushing::lbf: would love some pics/footage of me hugging moz onstage:thumb:
  16. pubrockcoma

    Signed vinyl on UK dates?

    20 signed copies are on sale at every night of the tour:cool:
  17. pubrockcoma

    Glasgow meet up?

    i'm still on the hunt from footage from the encore on the thursday night if anyone has it.:thumb: i need some evidence of making the stage so when i'm 60 got something to show to people..that yes indeed i did make it onstage at the barras for morrissey:lbf::lbf::cool: (had sky blue mozfather...
  18. pubrockcoma

    Signed vinyl on UK dates?

    head down whilst they are closing @ the encore and you should be able to get one. got 2 copies from the 2nd night at glasgow..stupidly didn't know about it @ stirling..and after getting thrown out at glasgow the 1st night no chance of getting a copy that night either:lbf:
  19. pubrockcoma

    quicker link to Scotland pre-sale

    got tickets for stirling & glasgow, seems i was lucky to have checked my inbox just at the right time. had already hassled myself trying for the specials tickets today as well.
  20. pubrockcoma

    7" Vinyl Boxset

    cheers.:cool: oh well looks like no cd then....thought i may have got one since i ordered not just the singles box from rhino at the one time:D
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