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    Audio ripper

    Hi, everybody, I'd like to rip the audio from a dvd, but I don't found any software, so if someone could help please.And also I need advice to register a french concert of Morrissey's show in France (the material etc..) Thanks in advance.I think it will be Clermont-Ferrand
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    Morrissey-Brielport 1991

    Morrissey-Brielport, Deinze, Belgium, 30/04/1991 (complete fm) I am not Smelly, but I was her 'girlfriend', I'd like to thank you all for your message, and the only answer I could give is keep the spirit of Smelly, so 01-Intro 02-Interseting Drug
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    Per request:Morrissey-Janice Long 2004

    Morrissey-The Janice Long Sessions, December 2004 From cd source, Mp3, 320Kpbs. Intro I'm playing easy to get Redondo beach Interview Noise is the best revenge It's hard to...
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    Per request:Vauxhall & I alt.versions

    Vauxhall & I, alt. versions: Mp3, 320kpbs, excellent sound. Sunny Billy Budd Spring-Heeled Jim Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself Interlude
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    Morrissey-Toronto, 1991

    Morrissey-Kingswood Theatre, Toronto, Canada, 05/07/1991 Mp3, 320 kbps. Interesting Drug The Last Of The Famous International Playboys Piccadilly Palare Trash Sing Your Life King Leer Asian Rut Mute Witness Everyday Is Like Sunday...
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    The Smiths-Soundcheck, Glasgow Barrowlands 1986 Only instrumental, very good sound, thanks to steve and all at smithstorrents.Mp3 320kbps There is a light...(partial) Bigmouth.. Panic Vicar in.. Frankly.. There is a light... Purple Haze Ask I want the...
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    Missing songs from the radio broadcast of The Smiths live in Oxford 1985

    The Smiths-Apollo Theatre, Oxford 1985 (master tape recorded by Soundsville) Thanks to Steve aka Soundsville and all at Smithstorrents. With the agreement of Steve. I want the one I can't have: Rusholme Ruffians...
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    The Smiths-Glasgow, 25/09/1985

    The Smiths-Barrowlands, Glasgow, 25/09/1985 (master tape recorded by Soundsville, excellent complete show, as good as the fm ones) Thanks to Steve aka soundsville and all at Smithstorrents. Mp3, 320kpbs. With the agreement of Steve. Shakespeare's...
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    The Smiths-Liverpool 27/03/1985

    The Smiths-Royal Court, Liverpool, 27/03/1985 (master tape recorded by soundsville, complete audience recording, excellent sound) Thanks to Steve aka Soundsville, and all at Smithstorrents. With the agreement of Steve. Mp3, 320kbps. William It Was...
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    Elliott Smith-Paris 1998

    Elliott Smith-La Cigale, Paris, France, 06/11/1998 Speed trials Bled white Miss misery Bottle up and explode Sweet Adeline Baby britain Happiness Division day I didn't understand Between the bars Say yes
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    R.E.M., Live Madison 1982

    R.E.M., live at the Merlins, Madison, 24/04/1982 Gardening at night 9-9 Ages of you Shaking through Laughing Romance Sitting still Pretty persuasion That beat Catapult Radio free europe Wolves, lower Carnival of sorts White tornado West of the...
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    Question about the boots'Somebody waved goodbye'

    I've downloded this boots sometime ago from Drifter's thread(Thanks again), but I have a question about the quality of sound. I compare the sound of this one with the others boots of the same show, and I can't heard any difference(just the complete intro track). Accordind to stéphane from...
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    Req:The Smiths-Brixton 12/12/1986 , the last gig, video

    Could someone post the new version of this show that have surfaced on Smithstorrents, as I actually can't use it. Thanks in advance.
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    The Official thank you Drifter's Mozzbozz site

    I am a new member, so I am not sure I am the right person to post an official thread, but I want it. So, a Big MERCI Drifter to keep all these great shows of The Smiths and Morrissey avaible for download. Your site is a 'caverne d'Ali Baba' for all the moz and Smiths fans, I am sure you make...
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    Morrissey-Belfort 2006, VIDEO

    Morrissey-Les Eurockeennes de Belfort, France, 01/07/2006.Tv Broadcast. 1-In the future when all's well 2-Girlfrien in a coma 3-First of the ganf to die Viva Morrissey. For the complete show in audio, you could find it on the Drifter's Mozzbozz.
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    Request:The Smiths-Salford video

    Please someone can upload the new version of the show that surfaced some days ago on Smithstorrents.I have try but it doesn't work. Thanks in advance. The new video version of the last Smiths gig will make me very happy too. Thanks in advance.
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    Kate Rogers-Bigmouth strikes again Don't know if this cover have been already post, but it's one of my prefer Smiths covers.
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    Per request:The Smiths-Live In Madrid 1985, Remaster

    The Smiths-Live In Madrid 1985 Audio rip from Dvd P.S:sometimes the sound 'jump', but the quality is better than the usual cd.
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    Per erquest:The Janice Long Sessions 2004

    Morrissey-The Janice Long Sessions, December 2004 From cd source, Mp3, 320Kpbs. Intro I'm playing easy to get Redondo beach Interview Noise is the best revenge It's hard to walk tall.... Outro
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    Morrissey-Later... with Jools Holland 2006

    Morrissey-Later...with Jools Holland, 02/06/2006 Audio rip from tv broadcast You have killed me The youngest was the most loved I just want to see the boy happy
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