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    Audio ripper

    thanks so much, but it's Pc
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    Audio ripper

    Hi, everybody, I'd like to rip the audio from a dvd, but I don't found any software, so if someone could help please.And also I need advice to register a french concert of Morrissey's show in France (the material etc..) Thanks in advance.I think it will be Clermont-Ferrand
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    Searching for Radiohead fan new to Smiths/Moz interested in a trade

    You can find them all on virginmega sit to download.if you need any help pm me.
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    French Shows

    I will buy them tomorrow morning, so pm me before.
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    French Shows

    Hello, First, to make it clear, I was the girlfriend of Smelly. As I said before if some of you get problem to get tickets for the french shows(I think espacially of the non french fans), I would be happy to take them for you, obviously at the same price I will buy them, and then send it...
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    I live in Clermont during the week, the place will be on sale tommorrow, so if someone would like tickets for this city, just pm me.I will buy them tommorrow at 13h00.
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    Morrissey-Brielport 1991

    Now, the complete show from audience
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    Morrissey-Brielport 1991

    And of course, for the ones who prefer Meagaupload, especially Drifter I think: So now, when you see 'smelly french boy', it sadly means 'smelly french girl' And obviously a really big thank to Cossy, Drifter, Sns22 and all the ones who keep the...
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    Morrissey-Brielport 1991

    Sorry, I'v made a mistake 03-Pregnant For The Last Time 04-Mute Witness 05-King Leer 06-The Last Of The Famous International Playboys 07-Everday Is Like Sunday 08-November Spawned A Monster 09-Moz Speaks 10-I've Changed My Plea To Guilty 11-Will Never Marry 12-That's Entertainment...
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    Morrissey-Brielport 1991

    Morrissey-Brielport, Deinze, Belgium, 30/04/1991 (complete fm) I am not Smelly, but I was her 'girlfriend', I'd like to thank you all for your message, and the only answer I could give is keep the spirit of Smelly, so 01-Intro 02-Interseting Drug
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    Talk Talk

    Thanks so much, I'm listening now to the part 1, Life's what you make it, it's just amazing. In 90 minutes will get the part 2.
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    Per request:Morrissey-Janice Long 2004

    Morrissey-The Janice Long Sessions, December 2004 From cd source, Mp3, 320Kpbs. Intro I'm playing easy to get Redondo beach Interview Noise is the best revenge It's hard to...
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    Morrissey-Toronto, 1991

    For sure, as I said on older post, sendspace is by request, so ask me:
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    REQ: Janice Long Session, 2004

    I will try to post it today, do you prefer mega or sendspace?
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    Morrissey-S.E.C.C. Glasgow 2004
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    A request for 5 rarities

    Shakespeare's sister:
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    Per request:Vauxhall & I alt.versions

    Vauxhall & I, alt. versions: Mp3, 320kpbs, excellent sound. Sunny Billy Budd Spring-Heeled Jim Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself Interlude
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    Being Nit Picky about these downloads

    Do you have downloaded the glasgow show and compare the quality between the fm ones and this one? P.S:I don't talk about the difference between mp3 and flac, just about the quality of the recording.
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