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    London record stores

    Next trip to London in November. Recently bought a new recordplayer after many years without one. Looking for recordstores who sell new or secondhand vinyl.
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    London indie clubs

    Hi, I'm 46 years old and next weekend I'm taking my 18 years old son on a birthday trip to London. Any suggestions for a night out on friday or saturday. I was thinking of The Roxy or The Borderline. I'm still into indie music, but won't I look completely out of place at my age? Cheers
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    Blackpool info please

    Yes, Blackpool. Anyone here who lives there? Looking for nice pubs where maybe they play some alternative music. Also looking for some decent not too expensive places to eat. Will be there 17-20th of this month. Cheers
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    Lille and Paris postponed or cancelled?

    Got a french email a few days ago. Out of which I can only make out that the gig is cancelled. They say to return your tickets before 30th June, to the place of purchase to get your money back. Any chance the gig is postponed to October or November? Maybe Guillaume can help? Patrick
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    Hello, I live in Belgium and I'm going on a mini cruise from Zeebrugge to Hull to celebrate my birthday next month.My wife and two teenagers will join me. We'll only be in Hull for 1 day and there'll be plenty of food on the ferry. I know some people from Hull are forum members. Can anyone...
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    Does anyone have experience with buying tickets from for London concerts. Do they post overseas to Europe? This is not about Wireless.
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    Hi everyone, My wife and I will be visiting London for a few days in April. We are wondering which of the free museums and galleries are most worth visiting as we will have to make a choice. Also if you have tips for affordable places to have a nice meal or a drink. They are more than...
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    junior member?

    Why am I still a junior member after so many posts?
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    Martin Rossiter

    Does any other Gene fan know what Martin Rossiter is doing at the moment? I'm a huge Gene fan and I miss them.
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    I'm looking for a site where I can download Smiths or Morrissey ringtones for free. Without any obligations to download in the future. ps I live in Belgium
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    Hull Uk

    Does anyone from this forum live in or near hull? My wife and I will be visiting for 2 days in April. Any tips on what to see and where to go for a drink or something to eat are more than welcome. Cheers
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    Ijwtstbh 7"

    I ordered the CD and both 7" of IJWTSTBH from The CD I received a few days ago, but the 7"s are still under special order with their suppliers. Anyone else still waiting? I live outside the UK.
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    Jonathan Ross

    Can anyone remind me the date Morrissey performed ' The Youngest Was The Most Loved ' on the JR show. Thanks
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    The Complete Picture

    I have just finished watching the complete picture on VHS. I hadn't done that for years. Mister Morrissey looks absolutely stunning in the TOTP performance of Shoplifters. Does anyone have any thoughts on this video?
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    I was just wondering how many off us are in a steady relationship and for how long? I have been married for 20 1/2 years and have 2 children.
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    Luxembourg gig

    I just had a look at a routeplanner from where I live in Belgium to Esch. I'll have to drive nearly 3 and a half hours to get there. Does anyone have a tip for cheap accomodation not that far from Rockhal.
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    Next week I'm going to Spain for a relaxing holiday in the sun. Can anyone suggest some good books to take with me?
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    DVD making

    I really don't know very much about computers. Whenever I download something from here, ( like the Pinkpop concert ) I just store it in my documents and watch it now and then. I have Windows media player, Realplayer and Nero-Burning Rom. Do these help me to make my own dvd's? This must have...
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    Morrissey in Brussels

    Well well after 7 years Morrissey is finally coming back to Belgium.On August 27th he will be performing at the AB in Brussels.Unlucky for me I will be in Spain on a holiday already completely paid for.Thank god I went to the Amsterdam gig. To all other Belgian fans enjoy.
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