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  1. Etiennehanratty

    One week on - LIHS purchasing behaviour poll

    Over the years, I’ve bought every album Morrissey has put out. It hasn’t always been easy. He almost lost me after Southpaw Grammar and probably would’ve done after Maladjusted if it hadn’t been for the matter of the seven year silence which followed and made him interesting again. Since then...
  2. Etiennehanratty

    “But only if you’re interested...”

    I’d meant for this to coincide with Black Friday but inertia got the better of me. I’ve decided to make my debut novel, Don’t Carp, Marley Tiffin free on Kindle for the next five days. It’s a Bildungsroman about a frustrated Morrissey fan who decides to trade in a career in organised crime for...
  3. Etiennehanratty

    Reader(s) meet (failed) author

    The news of the new record reminded me that it's now been twenty years since I swore I'd never buy another Morrissey album. Since then, my resolve has proved weaker than the protagonist in the Hand The Rocks The Cradle and I know that, however hard to get I play, I'll end up getting the new one...
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