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  1. the_smiths_rule

    The "Those lyrics could have been written by Morrissey" thread

    "All I Need"-Radiohead I'm the next act Waiting in the wings I'm an animal Trapped in your hot car I am all the days That you choose to ignore You are all I need You are all I need I'm in the middle of your picture Lying in the reeds I'm a moth Who just wants to share your...
  2. the_smiths_rule

    The Smiths Survival Game (The Smiths)

    Reel Around the Fountain - 12 You've Got Everything Now - 9 Miserable Lie - 8 Pretty Girls Make Graves - 9 (+1) The Hand That Rocks the Cradle - 10 (-1) Still Ill - 15 Hand in Glove - 11 What Difference Does It Make? - 10 I Don't Owe You Anything - 3 Suffer Little Children - 12
  3. the_smiths_rule

    Do you love Morrissey? (Mark 2)

    I don't know if I could say Love him...I do love his music and I respect and admire him. It's been an inspiration in my life and I agree with most of his ideals. His music helped me troughout some very hard times and made me happy on others.his music has been really important to me and I think...
  4. the_smiths_rule

    Bad, bad people...

    All i know is that if i had bought a ticket to see him and he cancelled, yes, i would be dissapointed but i'd try to understand him and i'd just buy another ticket to another date. that's all. I love moz.
  5. the_smiths_rule

    Choose one Smiths and one Morrissey song for Desert Island Discs

    Asleep/there's a light that never goes out The more you ignore me the closer i get/ Dissapointed
  6. the_smiths_rule

    Gossip Girl

    Gossip girl is mi guilty pleasure too... i love it..
  7. the_smiths_rule

    Would You Ever Feel Comfortable Enough To...

    i would be comfortable enough to let him. I'd love to hear what he thinks about it.. even if he doesn't like it. The things i write are the things i feel and i could never be ashamed of what i feel because that's part of who i am and i'm proud to be the way i am.
  8. the_smiths_rule

    Emotionally impacting lyrics

    Take me out tonight Where theres music and theres people And theyre young and alive Driving in your car I never never want to go home Because I havent got one Anymore.... There is a light that never goes out
  9. the_smiths_rule

    I love Morrissey so much

    I wouldn't dare to call anyone a freak, but.. do you think it's normal that you spend so much time thinking about someone that you'll probably never meet, and that's totally out of the context of your world ?? Don't get me wrong, i'm a Morrissey freak, i love him totally, and of course i admire...
  10. the_smiths_rule

    The official 'Get Well Soon' thread for Morrissey

    I can't think of any musician that has ever had so many impact in my life and helped me trough the most dissapointing, hard and depressive times of my life. I wish you nothing but the best and deeply hope you'll get better real soon. There's a place in the sun for anyone Who has the will...
  11. the_smiths_rule

    Someone Blogged About Meeting Morrissey

    I loved the story, is hilarious...... but i have to say i'd kick mysel if something like that happened to me... i mean if i ever get the chance to meet Morrissey i have to talk to him....
  12. the_smiths_rule

    How much do The Smiths/Morrissey constitute from your time spent listening to music ?

    Re: How much do The Smiths/Morrissey constitute from your time spent listening to mus I'd say that i listen to the smiths like a 70% and Morrissey a 25%..
  13. the_smiths_rule

    Strange places you've heard The Smiths/Morrissey

    On a club where they only play really shitty pop music... It was really weird.
  14. the_smiths_rule

    do you think morrissey should stop taking his shirt off?

    I just love the way you think hahahaha I love Mozz and i don't care if he's got man boobs, he's still the sexiest man i've ever seen. He should never stop taking his shirt off.
  15. the_smiths_rule

    Morrissey's Catholicism

    Re: Morrissey's Catholicism. ... I agree haha:lbf:
  16. the_smiths_rule

    Who feels the same way as Morrissey

    I do feel like him, but not because i like girls or boys (i'm a girl) but because i like neither... at least in this moment of my life... and about sex.. well i never found it that necessary or that interesting to begin with i guess i can say that sexuality is not something that really...
  17. the_smiths_rule

    Have Morrissey's lyrics/songs ever 'helped' you?

    Somehow you managed to described exactly how i feel about Morrissey/The Smiths better than myself. I can't tell you how many times i've felt so down and then the single one thing that makes me happy is going home and listen to his music. And you're right, it's like the best friend i've always...
  18. the_smiths_rule

    Hand in Glove Lyric Question.

    ... For someone who's "just curious"... you tried too hard to justify yourself.
  19. the_smiths_rule

    How many of you are vegetarians?

    What would be the point on being vegetarian and still wear leather???? it's still a death animal, only i'm not eating it. And i would be equally revolted towards the fact of wearing a death cow. I'd never wear leather.
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