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  1. JMozza34

    What album are you listening to right now?

    Can't get enough of this. Mix Red House Painters and early Mojave 3.
  2. JMozza34

    Selling: 1 GA lower floor ticket for Bren 11/9

    Hello, I'm selling an extra ticket for the 11/9 Bren Show. I'm offering it a fair price below what's being asked on sites like Stubhub etc. PM or email me for details. I'm based in socal so it will be easy to connect before or at the show. Thanks!
  3. JMozza34

    Extra ticket for Bren 11/9

    Hello friends, I have an extra ticket for the 11/9 show at Bren. It's a GA lower floor. Tried stubhub but they wouldn't list it due to me having the physical ticket and there being not enough time between now and the show to guarantee the UPS delivery. Soo I'm trying here. Not looking to rip...
  4. JMozza34


    Hey, I posted a bunch of Raymonde stuff in this thread. A couple of singles are missing but I can make links containing those as well if need be. But in the meantime take your pick of albums and rarities by Raymonde,RPLA and James Maker's solo stuff. Enjoy...
  5. JMozza34

    Hayley Williams of Paramore in a Smiths t-shirt

    I guess I just agree with the statement about it being a statement, that it would say more and come across more believeable if she was wearing a Morrissey shirt. He was making music during her formative years. The Smiths were gone before she was born most likely. She isnt that old. Take myself...
  6. JMozza34

    Hayley Williams of Paramore in a Smiths t-shirt

    Maybe I'm being snobbish, but most likely she probably took in a viewing of Perks Of Being A Wallflower and now is a Smith's fan. It happened after 500 Days Of Summer also. I rather liked both of those films, but it comes as no surprise to see this happen. Bright side is if even just one...
  7. JMozza34

    The Smiths - Meat Is Murder misprint

    Ahh thank you. I only, up until recently, had the only rough trade on vinyl and the US cd release. Odd they wouldn't include it on the sleeve. Thanks none the less for the info. Josh
  8. JMozza34

    The Smiths - Meat Is Murder misprint

    Ok. Here is a pic. Sorry it's not the best quality. As far as I know, HSIN should follow That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore in the track list. As you can see, it is not there. It looks as if there was a space for it maybe? Like I've previously stated, it's missing from the inner sleeve track and...
  9. JMozza34

    The Smiths - Meat Is Murder misprint

    Thanks for the link, though I wasn't able to find anything out since PJLM is down for the count. Hopefully Stephane or someone who knows the collectors info and version info better than I, can shed some light on this. Any other Solo users have a copy like mine? I thought it was the rough trade...
  10. JMozza34

    The Smiths - Meat Is Murder misprint

    Hello all, Pardon me if this is a dumb question, but I snagged a copy of Meat Is Murder on vinyl for a really low price the other day. I already own an original Rough Trade version, but This one, I believe is the first U.S. Press with the custom inner sleeve. The thing that struck me odd and...
  11. JMozza34


    Well, that makes two of us that are unhip to the current technologies. Up til a week or so ago I was using Soulseek and finding all kinds of great stuff. However I'm not able to use the internet as I am temporarily computerless and without internet access other than on my smart phone. I liked...
  12. JMozza34

    San Diego concert update

    I can assure you good tickets will appear if you are patient. I was unbelieveably upset when Pulp's April 17th show at The Warfield sold out in 8 mins. Completely, it was unreal. Internet ticket waiting rooms are complete shit, that aside, back to my point. Now not even and hour after the show...
  13. JMozza34

    Richard Hawley - Standing On The Sky's Edge (Static) free MP3 Amazon Uk.

    Dave, Indeed! I can't wait to hear the rest of the new album. I was kinda worried about the new direction he's taking musically, but after hearing these new tracks, I think it's gonna be great none the less. Thank you. It's much appreciated. :D
  14. JMozza34

    Richard Hawley - Standing On The Sky's Edge (Static) free MP3 Amazon Uk.

    Hello all, Slightly odd request here, but could anyone please post the Mp3 of the new Richard Hawley track that is up for free download (UK only) on Amazon? I live across the pond and damned restrictions prevent me from downloading the track. I have the album on pre-order, I would just like...
  15. JMozza34

    Viva Hate (2012 Remaster) request

    I look at it this way, the money he makes from these re-issues is what's helping him self finance these tours. He still has no label support, so in a way, though he's stated he's not too keen on DIY, he is in fact doing it himeself. Yes it's quite a shame the album had to be reissued again, but...
  16. JMozza34

    What album are you listening to right now?

    The Chameleons - Script Of The Bridge Rowland S. Howard - Teenage Snuff Film
  17. JMozza34

    The Polecats to Perform in Oakland on June 7th and San Jose on June 8th!

    I will most likely hit the Oakland show, since I reside there. Yes many of us were bummed out when Morrissey cancelled yet again. However, he's coming to Stockton. The venue, is actually the place he played at the last time he played a show(and didn't cancel) in our area, if I'm not mistaken...
  18. JMozza34

    David Lynch: "Crazy Clown Time"

    I can safely say that his album plays like one of his films translated into music form, with his trademark nightmarish surrealism and all. There are more "accessible" tracks on the album. This one is a bit experimental to say the least. Sometimes he channels Leonard Cohen gone electronic noise...
  19. JMozza34

    David Lynch: "Crazy Clown Time"

    His music is strange to say the least. It took me a few forced listens to get into the album, mainly due to a burned copy that was stuck in my car cd player for a week. Now, I must say I kind of enjoy it. However, it is not for everyone. Keep an open mind while listening and it may slowly draw...
  20. JMozza34

    Raymonde/James Maker fans

    He is criminally underrated. It's such a shame. The autobiography is fantastic. I've read it all the way through once, and I am currently reading it again. Next up is a Nick Cave/Birthday Party era memoir. Should be a good read. As far as live bootlegs, user Frolix mentioned a woman by the name...
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