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  1. Claude

    Morrissey's "Autobiography" review by SJC, 2 out of 5 - The Sun (Nov. 8, 2013)

    I've been (very) critical of Morrissey over the last few years...but I guess people are free to criticise the (proven) criminal conduct of The News of The World/Sun while also being not so keen on Morrissey's most recent output. And, as for your claim that "The Sun is the chronicle of choice...
  2. Claude

    Distorted world view? Why is it so attractive?

    Hi Neil, you seem to raise a number of interesting points. For what it's worth (that is, nothing), I'll add my view. I already wrote elsewhere that I reckon Morrissey suffers from Asperger's syndrome. Many people don't know, but often, given that teens with Asperger's find it frustrating and...
  3. Claude

    Andy Rourke talks about The Smiths in Costa Rica (video) -

    Yeah Anonymouse, the obviously have FA to say about it.
  4. Claude

    Andy Rourke talks about The Smiths in Costa Rica (video) -

    Did you get an attack of deafness after that bit? Rourke CLEARLY said he knew more WHEN THEY FIRST MET and *within a week * Johnny KNEW MORE THAN HIM and he hit the ground running and he became wow and he learnt like a sponge. Morrissey's weird confirmation bias is contagious to his...
  5. Claude

    Stephen Street hits out at "bitchy" Morrissey - Hot Press

    Yeah but who are you fooling? Your idol doesn't say they're "overweight". He writes miles nastier than that and he doesn't do that in passing either. And "diddy" is one thing, but how about laughing on and on about calling you a "shortass", a "dwarf", a "midget", that "you didn't grow"...
  6. Claude

    Distorted world view? Why is it so attractive?

    Re: Distorted world view? Why is it so attractive?i "Morrissey has nothing of value to say about childhood trauma, other than the cherry pick stories of real ones which interest him as artistic decoration, like the Moors Murders, or which move him to mockery, like the ongoing tragedy of...
  7. Claude

    Craig Gannon Facebook post in reference to Morrissey's "Autobiography"?

    No wonder indeed. Just compare the immense success Johnny Marr's had...and the credit he's gained with "The Messenger" last year, doing what a musician does: writing good music and touring and saying insightful and thought-provoking things in interviews. Compare it with that dullard of an...
  8. Claude

    Lou Reed is dead at 71

    Exactly, BrummieBoy (BTW Sh*t on the Villa!), there are more MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEs in Morrissey's spitefest of a book than in a self-obsessed look-at-me 14-year-old girl's diary. Also, have you noticed how pre-GCSEs so many of his similes are, as soundly picked up by Private Eye? "I...
  9. Claude

    Autobiography - legal action?

    Middle class kids' problems.
  10. Claude

    Stephen Street hits out at "bitchy" Morrissey - Hot Press

    See, unless you're a teenager who's just started discovering things, that's not really the case. Morrissey is NOT a gem in a dull world. He's duller than the rest. He goes on about record companies "throwing their weight", "cash sales", "record sales", "investing" and "marketing" and...
  11. Claude

    Where Oh Where Is Boz?

    Even Johnny Marr gets slated more than he gets complimented, including when the "autobiography" is still focusing on The Smiths pre-court case.
  12. Claude

    Stephen Street hits out at "bitchy" Morrissey - Hot Press

    He also on several occasions implied Alain was ungrateful for not acknowledging publicly that Morrissey "rescued" him from a crap job at Camden City Council and that Alain never said a "word" (in public, I guess) about the success of Morrissey's most recent albums. There were at least two...
  13. Claude

    Stephen Street hits out at "bitchy" Morrissey - Hot Press

    Charlie Cheswick, you are probably right in the sense that Morrissey was probably always this way. However...there are various possibilities: 1) That once people move on and mature a little and simply grow up and leave behind teenage-adulation they start seeing more through celebrity pap. 2)...
  14. Claude

    Anyone notice a lot of women go for 'bad boy' types?

    Interesting though, and I've seen so many cases in my life, are the women who go on about how much they like so-called bad boys, that they love to "have a crack at getting them to show their sensitive and nice side", that "bruises are sexy" and "guns are sexy" all the rest... Then 6 or 9...
  15. Claude

    "Autobiography" by Morrissey - reviews and media - part 5

    BrummieBoy, ignore them. They're queuing for their cup of Kool-Aid.
  16. Claude

    Autobiography - legal action?

    It's not a matter of "telling the truth". It's a matter of character assassination, defamation, libel. The tons of horrendous physical and non-physical insults hurled at the Judge, or Mike Joyce, or Geoff Travis, as well as many other people, and even the not so subtle implication that Alain...
  17. Claude

    Morrissey's "Diary" in Private Eye Magazine (UK 30th October 2013)

    Amazing Private Eye. Serious genius pisstake of a sorry, delusional, big-headed multi-millionaire.
  18. Claude

    Stephen Street hits out at "bitchy" Morrissey - Hot Press

    I absolutely agree with Stephen Street, but also with Brummie Boy, Johnny Barleycorn, Neil Gee, Martin and jmc1808 above. I deeply regret buying the book. I suppose the old fan inside got the better of me. Morrissey really is a self-centred sociopath who's lost every last ounce of touch with...
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