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  1. pubrockcoma

    Chances of a signed wea version of cd being genuine

    A dear friend of mine purchased a signed, by all four smiths, version of the queen is dead, they were obviously doing so with goodwill to get me such a gift, trouble is I don't see this as being possibly genuine and reading between the lines know they spent considerable amount on it.(item has...
  2. pubrockcoma

    wanted - moz bobblehead (either of the 2 designs)

    anyone able to help me out with a bobblehead as a birthday gift for someone?
  3. pubrockcoma

    now a cd single version of the smiths 7" boxset

    apologies if already discussed (had a wee look couldn't see anything on it) june 29th. this is perhaps one cash cow too many for me after forking out for the 7" boxset
  4. pubrockcoma

    what have you done with your johnny marr pf flyers

    mines are still in the box, never even tried them on...personally think they are very poor quality...
  5. pubrockcoma

    manchester hotels/b&b's/flats - uefa cup final

    anyone got some inside word on some digs that could still be left covering tuesday 13th until thursday 15th may? ye of little faith never pre-booked:eek: cheers for any guidance:guitar:
  6. pubrockcoma

    request: vinyl b-sides for i just want to see the boy happy

    checking my collection of b-sides, realised don't have digital versions of: Speedway (live Royal Albert Hall 2002) Late Night Maudlin Street (live Royal Albert Hall 2002) anyone kind enough to upload them:) pushing my luck but anyone willing to upload: I Just Want To See The Boy Happy...
  7. pubrockcoma - anyone else having problems with them

    ordered a t-shirt end of june, and still nothing, keep failing to reply to my emails:mad::mad: had got a t-shirt previous to this and the service was okay, this time however:eek: and no bloody phone number to get them on the phone to tell me what the story is with my order!!!! any...
  8. pubrockcoma

    the johnny marr designed trainers

    for those that bought them. are you going to wear them or just keep them in the box? got mine the other day, not decided yet what i'm going to do with them:confused:
  9. pubrockcoma

    Just how bad a musical act is kristeen young

    truly terrible support act, and must have those at the record company asking if moz knows anything about what people will actually buy and enjoy listening to these days. wished i'd got a later train and arrived later for the show.............
  10. pubrockcoma

    Greatest Living British Icon: top 3 for Moz

    Veteran musician Sir Paul McCartney is one of three British celebrities in the running for the title of the nation's greatest living icon. The former Beatle will go up against singer Morrissey and broadcaster Sir David Attenborough in the BBC poll. The three were ranked ahead of David...
  11. pubrockcoma

    promotional work for strangeways here we come

    did johnny marr or indeed any of the other three smiths take part in any promo work, record signings etc for the launch of the strangeways album? have been offered a signed strangeways album (by all 4) but am thinking this item is perhaps of the fake variety, althouhg the signatures do look...
  12. pubrockcoma

    jeff buckley - i know its over cover

    knitting factory show new york 1997 :cool:
  13. pubrockcoma

    discoteque: volume 1: the hacienda

    before it became a set of yuppie flats. disc 1 disc 2 Disc: 1 1. Holland Tunnel Dive - Implog 2. We Don't Need This Fascist Groove Thing - Heaven 17 3. Don't Make Me Wait - Peech Boys 4. Situation -...
  14. pubrockcoma

    looking for some more morrissey avatars?

    just came across this little lot.
  15. pubrockcoma

    request: the smiths - irvine, magnum leisure centre 1985

    :) could someone be so kind to upload this show. still find it hard to believe the smiths played in irvine (which is about 6 miles away from me and is a right dump now, nevermind back in the eighties)
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