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  1. JMozza34

    Selling: 1 GA lower floor ticket for Bren 11/9

    Hello, I'm selling an extra ticket for the 11/9 Bren Show. I'm offering it a fair price below what's being asked on sites like Stubhub etc. PM or email me for details. I'm based in socal so it will be easy to connect before or at the show. Thanks!
  2. JMozza34

    Extra ticket for Bren 11/9

    Hello friends, I have an extra ticket for the 11/9 show at Bren. It's a GA lower floor. Tried stubhub but they wouldn't list it due to me having the physical ticket and there being not enough time between now and the show to guarantee the UPS delivery. Soo I'm trying here. Not looking to rip...
  3. JMozza34

    The Smiths - Meat Is Murder misprint

    Hello all, Pardon me if this is a dumb question, but I snagged a copy of Meat Is Murder on vinyl for a really low price the other day. I already own an original Rough Trade version, but This one, I believe is the first U.S. Press with the custom inner sleeve. The thing that struck me odd and...
  4. JMozza34

    Richard Hawley - Standing On The Sky's Edge (Static) free MP3 Amazon Uk.

    Hello all, Slightly odd request here, but could anyone please post the Mp3 of the new Richard Hawley track that is up for free download (UK only) on Amazon? I live across the pond and damned restrictions prevent me from downloading the track. I have the album on pre-order, I would just like...
  5. JMozza34

    Raymonde/James Maker fans

    Hello everyone, I posted here a few months ago trying to locate some rare Raymonde material, namely the "Nothing Stops Here" demo tape from 1985. I am also looking for early Raymonde live material. I was replied to in my original post, with a link to Mr. Maker's facebook. Well as of now, I...
  6. JMozza34

    Raymonde Demo 1985 James Maker?

    Hello Everyone, I am looking for anyone who may have a copy of Raymonde's demo tape from 1985. I have checked a couple sources online and have had no luck finding a copy. I already own all of Raymonde's official releases on vinyl. I also have mp3's of James Maker's solo material that I've...
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