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    Happy birthday Morrissey - Morrissey turns 61 - May 22, 2020

    Happy Birthday to you! You are loved!
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    Charles Aznavour dies at 94; Morrissey statement

    Now, today, tomorrow, and always- Morrissey's words that have always been so profound.
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    Morrissey turns 59 - May 22, 2018

    Happy Birthday, Morrissey! Love you now, today, tomorrow, and always!!!!
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    New Kristeen Young video for ‘You Always Win’ (wearing Morrissey given dress) - BlackBook

    After wasting my time looking at the video, only one word comes to mind-sickening.
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    Morrissey Official - Shea's Performing Arts Center, Buffalo, NY (Oct 11, 2017, presale Weds. Aug. 9)

    I am familiar with M's comments about the St Lawrence River animal abuse but Canada is so close to US border and it is amazing. I know it is cliche to ask not to punish everybody for the indecency of a group that most people over there do not identify with, but I think Morrissey should revisit...
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    Morrissey Official - Shea's Performing Arts Center, Buffalo, NY (Oct 11, 2017, presale Weds. Aug. 9)

    Agreed. Toronto is the coolest place. People are playing music everywhere around there. That place is ALIVE!
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    Why Morrissey Is Dead To Me, By Gene's Martin Rossiter - The Quietus

    Martin Rossiter said "Morrissey is dead to me" - guess what , Martin, the dead are actually 22 women and girls in Manchester. Morrissey's statement has been labeled the "bitter masterpiece". Being tolerant certainly had its price on May 22,2017. Everything Morrissey stated was not racist, it...
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    TTY: New Morrissey T-shirt

    The song Unloveable never seemed to be talking about race to me. To twist words to be soooo 2017 seems cliche. Why do this ?
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    Berlin, Germany - Tempodrom (Aug. 16, 2016) post-show

    I will love Morrissey forever... news of bandages worry me. Those songs , that beautiful voice, and everything that embodies Morrissey is important to me.
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    TTY: Morrissey Far East; pushed back until a time when there is a new recording

    I am sure Morrissey and Jack White would have a contract a little different than the Harvest confusion. It's called live and learn. I'm giving credit to both sides.
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    David Bowie dies at 69

    I know Morrissey will make a comment about David when he has processed all of this. Lost chances to connect with someone that you actually care about can be haunting and the finality of the situation must be really hard for Morrissey.
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    London, England - Eventim Apollo (Sep. 21, 2015) post-show

    I think most people on here really do care about this situation. At this point, the gravity of what is taking place is unclear and nobody quite knows what to do or think about it. As Morrissey has said "time proves everything". We shall see.
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    TTY statement: Hammersmith last ever UK gigs?!

    "without new releases,there is no point in touring" Wrong! Please Morrissey, don't hang it up. Your major songs have already been written and the audience just needs a new setlist full of the best songs not just lightly sprinkled with them.
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    TTY statement: Hammersmith last ever UK gigs?!

    Morrissey could never make another album and I would be good because his vast, unbelievable catalog stands the test of time . The best moments at the concert I attended were the classics. Ganglord is an obscure song but it was great to hear. The list could go on and on. Embracing The Smiths...
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    Morrissey attends the UK premiere of 'Legend' (Sep. 3, 2015); photos

    The blazer and pants the same color would have looked beautiful. I love to see Moz decked out in his jewelry-rings, necklaces, bracelets. He never looks bad, just thought provoking.
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    Morrissey on "Larry King Now" (Aug. 17, 2015 - airdate Aug. 19, 2015) - reminder/reports

    Morrissey finally got some long deserved attention and wasn't only a musical guest spot on a late night show. His intelligence and vulnerabilities were on display, and for me it was perfect. His music is a window into his heart and mind and I hope he sees how he is positively received by so...
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