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  1. unruly boy

    Single for Hull gig 19/05 for sale. (Or swap for Manc)

    Standing, face value £32.50, plus whatever postage costs are incurred. Can't make it because I can't get the time off work. Will also consider a swap for one of the Manchester dates ;)
  2. unruly boy

    Idea for ticket selling threads in Marketplace...

    ...feel free to shoot me down. I have to admit that I'm suggesting this because I'm after spare tickets and missed out on one the other day because others got in first with the PM so... I suggest, and this works very well on a West Ham forum that I post on, that there is a "sticky" thread...
  3. unruly boy

    Looking for One Manchester OR Birmingham ticket.

    Hi. I am looking for a ticket for either of the TOR gigs at Manchester (1st choice) or the Brum date (2nd choice). I can swap for a Hull ticket, if anyone wants. I missed out on Manchester and Birmingham tickets when they went on general sale and ended up with my 3rd choice of Hull. I have...
  4. unruly boy

    Royal Bangs- We Breed Champions (a bit of a plug for mate's band...)

    Ok, so, this albumis well worth a listen, and I'm not just saying that because I am mates with Ryan, the lead singer/guitarist (we were both exchange students in Lille in 2006-07). They are American, but you can't have everything:D They sort of sound a bit like Broken Social Scene and...
  5. unruly boy

    Maximo Park, Tourcoing 05/06/2007

    Really enjoyed this gig. Morrissey was namechecked by Paul Smith just after one of the songs (cannot remember what is was, I was 3-sheets-to-the-wind!) and said "The vocal chords did something weird there. Didn't expect that to happen, it sounded like an early Morrissey record". To which I...
  6. unruly boy

    VauxhallAnd I, top drawer production

    I never usually start threads but i've just wacked V&I on again, and it still sounds as utterly fantastic as it always has. Just want to say that the production on that album is tremendous, I think Lillywhite did very well indeed. Arguably his best album in terms of production? What...
  7. unruly boy

    Any 'Kings Of Leon' fans? Help needed with lyrics.

    Anyone know the lyrics to the single 'Aha Shake Heartbreak'? I've tried searching on google but it only gives me the album and I think the single of the same name was released beforehand and is not on either of their albums. Any help is appreciated. Cheers.
  8. unruly boy

    Across The Universe, Beatles cover?

    I've just downloaded a song with the above title that purports to be a Smiths cover of The Beatles' song, but I don't know who that is singing. Has anybody else heard this song or know of any versions that purport to be covered by The Smiths?
  9. unruly boy

    Jens Lekman

    Anybody else heard any of his stuff? An American mate of mine lent me some, and it's superb. Bears Morrissey hallmarks, possibly influenced by the great man. 'Maple Leaves' and 'Black Cab' are fantastic.
  10. unruly boy

    Russell Brand interview.

    Right, don't care if this has been done before but does anyone know if/where I can find the transcipt or listen to the interview now? Russell is a funny man whom I really like and he interviewed an absolute idol of mine (and, indeed, yours). Any help appreciated.
  11. unruly boy

    Shoplifters From Manchester

    Has anyone else got this? It's one of those 'promotional, not for resale' CD's that I bought at a music-stall that often comes to my uni. Some of the tracklisting is wrong on it as well (e.g. It lists Rusholme Ruffians as Nowhere Fast). Just curious as to whether anyone else has it and here...
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