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  1. FatGayVegan

    The dreadful state of UK ticket sales

    I recently wrote a brief exploration of how drastically Morrissey's ticket sale figures have plummeted in the UK, with special attention given to the startlingly low sales for the upcoming Leeds gig. With two weeks to go until the show, huge quantities of seats remain unsold in some of the best...
  2. FatGayVegan

    Alanis Morissette releases track co-written with ex-Morrissey band member (Michael Farrell)

    Alanis Morissette has released Reasons I Drink, the first single from her 9th studio album titled Such Pretty Forks In The Road. It might be of slender interest to Morrissey fans/ex fans but the song was co-written by Alanis with Michael Farrell. Michael Farrell toured with Morrissey and...
  3. FatGayVegan

    "California Son" drops out of Billboard 200 second week

    Morrissey's album of cover songs, California Son, has dropped out of the Billboard 200 in its second week of release. The collection debuted at #95 on the Billboard 200 chart dated June 8, 2019 but failed to hang onto a top 200 position in the week of June 15. Weekly chart can be seen here...
  4. FatGayVegan

    Rick Astley mentions The Smiths to Rolling Stone

    Music journalist Melinda Newman has interviewed 80s superstar Rick Astley for Rolling Stone following his sold out LA concert. During the interview, Astley mentions his love for The Smiths: Age has made me think I have to stop giving a shit what anybody else thinks and do exactly what I want...
  5. FatGayVegan

    Boy George mentions The Smiths on Twitter

    Boy George was on a Twitter bender and rapid fire answering multiple tweets. In response to "Hi @BoyGeorge you like The Smiths?" he responded "What kind of person wouldn't? A human disgrace!". You can see original Twitter exchange here.
  6. FatGayVegan

    Win Madison Square Gardens tickets

    Music, celebrity gossip and gay blog, Boy Culture, is running a competition for a pair of tickets to see Morrissey and Blondie perform at Madison Square Garden on June 27, 2015. Entering the draw involves commenting on the blog post. Click here to enter.
  7. FatGayVegan

    Punk writer/singer John Robb praises Morrissey- Louder Than War

    Punk personality, performer and outspoken vegan John Robb has posted an opinion piece about Morrissey and the Harvest situation over on his music blog, Louder Than War. The full piece can be seen here: Why we like the way Morrissey has fallen out with his record label - Louder Than War The...
  8. FatGayVegan

    WPINOYB advert via online gaming

    I play a Scrabble-esque game on my cell/mobile. Every time I make a move, an advert pops up that I have to suffer through because I am too cheap to pay for an ad-free version of the game. Normally the advert is a video advertising another game or a TV show. Today the pop up has turned into an...
  9. FatGayVegan

    "World Peace..." review by Fergal Kinney (8/10) - Louder Than War

    Louder Than War review 8/10 Head music reviewer for blog Louder Than War, Fergal Kinney, has given a glowing review to the album. He does however point out what he sees as its faults, but overall he gives it high praise. ‘World Peace is None of Your Business’ is significantly better than a...
  10. FatGayVegan

    This Charming Man remix

    I have searched to make sure this hasn't been posted previously but couldn't find anything. This Charming Man has been remixed by DJ Cremoso. I post it without comment.
  11. FatGayVegan

    Morrissey listed as 'questionable'

    This made me laugh. If you can't get a good chuckle out of religious extremists, what's the point of them? Some nut job has created a list of 'gay bands' that parents need to watch out for. They recommend burning CDs on sight if they appear in a child's music collection. The list is...
  12. FatGayVegan

    Site of first ever solo gig revisited

    I recently traveled to Wolverhampton to attend a vegan festival that was held in the Civic Hall. That venue was the site of Morrissey's first ever solo show following the demise of The Smiths. I wrote a fun blog entry about the thrill of standing on the same stage as Moz. There are even photos...
  13. FatGayVegan

    Joyce & Rourke DJ set tonight

    I have just arrived back in Barcelona today to be greeted by dozens of posters strung up around the city advertising DJ sets by Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke. Here is the link to the event page if anyone is interested:,08,1 It is happening at a club...
  14. FatGayVegan

    Morrissey performance pic & Hop Farm vegan food

    I know this is so very late but possibly a few people will get a brief flicker of enjoyment out of it. Here is a Hop Farm vegan food review on my site. I mention Morrissey of course and there are 2 photos of him, one which has already been posted elsewhere on here but I can't recall where...
  15. FatGayVegan

    Hop Farm Festival preview: Why Prince and Morrissey sit at music's top table -

    Chris Britcher has written an article celebrating the talent of Morrissey and Prince, two of the headliners at this years Hop Farm Festival. The writer discusses how the artists have similarly become disillusioned with the music industry. He also mentions how both artists sometimes upset...
  16. FatGayVegan

    Two standing tickets for Grimsby available

    Due to the date change, I can no longer attend the Grimsby show on June 28. I am selling my two standing tickets for a total of £80. That is slightly less than what I paid through Ticketmaster.
  17. FatGayVegan

    Glamorous Glue newspaper advert

    This half page newspaper advertisement appeared in the London Evening Standard (Friday April 15, 2011). Sorry for dodgy photo. It was taken on my phone. Ad highlights formats as enhanced CD, standard 7", 7" picture disc and download. States all formats will have previously unreleased demos...
  18. FatGayVegan

    Desert Island Discs to be archived online

    According to the NME, Morrissey and many, many more artists will have their Desert Island Discs episodes available online to stream. This will commence in April, 2011 and will feature approximately 500 episodes of the long-running radio program. Full story here: 'Desert Island Discs'...
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