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    Bassist Guy Pratt on the time he nearly joined the Smiths - Rolling Stone

    From Rolling Stone. Right around that same time, you nearly wound up touring in the Smiths. How did that happen? This whole five year period was just f***in’ nuts. By that time, I was working with Bryan Ferry. Myself and [guitarist] Chester Kamen were kind of like his little sorcerer’s...
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    Omega Auctions: October auction contains potentially unheard material

    I don't think the dangers of recording a cassette from 1986 are all that great. I had a mish mash of tapes from the 80s which I digitised through an old walkman last year. There were no tape jams and all the recordings were still good quality.
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    Omega Auctions: October auction contains potentially unheard material

    I thought you meant Kirsty MacColl. I'd forgotten about Amanda Malone! I agree that there's probably not much of interest in the remaining cassettes, at least from the point of view of unreleased recordings. Subtly different mixes perhaps, but not like the gems that were found on the Demos and...
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    Omega Auctions: October auction contains potentially unheard material

    Good detective work. I’d love to hear these but don’t much fancy chasing those prices even with a combined effort.
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    Omega Auctions: October auction contains potentially unheard material

    It happens to be a half hour bike ride from where I'm sitting. It's still active as a company. I don't know who the tape collectors are. If you know them could you point them in the direction of this thread please?
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    Omega Auctions: October auction contains potentially unheard material

    I've only just got to this. There are some really interesting cassettes listed in the auctions. Nerds assemble! THE SMITHS - WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE/HAVE I - SMILE MUSIC LTD DEMO CASSETTE What is the track Have I? THE SMITHS - EDEN STUDIOS DEMO CASSETTE (BEFORE FIRST ALBUM) Eden Studios...
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    Smiths Torrents 2006-2020: "Goodnight & Thank You" (July 3, 2020)

    Oh! This is a nice thread to find. Thanks for the lovely messages. I'm glad that it meant so much to people.
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    Smithstorrents is gone

    Sorry folks. The site was starting to fall apart. In the Smiths Archive I tried to keep a copy of the corresponding forum post, so at least some of the text lives on there.
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    Smiths Archive

    I see. I'm still seeding the torrent but I acknowledge that isn't a quick way to download it. I use Rclone to move between cloud storage, in case that's useful.
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    Smiths Archive

    Here's the google drive link.
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    Hand that rocks the cradle troy tate

    Troy Tate mixes. That's a deep rabbit hole for sure. While Troy worked on the production of the first album he'd run off cassettes to show a work-in-progress to stakeholders. The result was that there were at least three of these unfinished mixes in circulation, which got copied from person to...
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    The Smiths - Recollections

    This is incredible. Very well researched and put together. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this.
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    Smiths Torrent site?

    DavidA from Smithstorrents here. I must admit that I’m guilty of letting it rot, so I’m not surprised that things aren’t quite working. It’s not a fun task to keep it on life support but if I’m brave enough I’ll look into this issue. I’d close the site was it not for the fact that I don’t...
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    Smiths Archive

    With this drive anyone can access the link without needing to be added.
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    Smiths Archive

    Here's a new Google Drive link.
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    "I Want A Boy For My Birthday"/Dale Hibbert YouTube channel removed

    Thank you, Dale. Really enjoyed hearing these, particularly Birthday.
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    The Smiths earliest demos 1982 from "Smiths Original Demo" channel

    Lovely. Thank you for putting this together. I'm really enjoying hearing the extra verses of Boy For My Birthday. It's a shame Morrissey's a little low in the mix. The Hand That Rocks The Cradle. Clearly a song that got... tightened up... before they recorded it for the first album.
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    Boy for my Birthday - Dale Hibbert Q&A

    I imagine the owner of the masters is currently reading this. Hey! Thank you for doing such a good job of preserving that old Ampex tape; I hope everyone hears your versions of Suffer Little Children and The Hand That Rocks The Cradle someday. I don't think he'd mind me saying that he was in...
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    Hulmerist - Sister I'm a Poet Comparison

    I found a video I made a few years ago, comparing the original Hulmerist video from a pro-shot bootleg posted by TicTac. Not anything to stop traffic about, but also not a bad use of 2 minutes and 20 seconds of your time.
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