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    What would you like to be called?

    My name is Prince and I am funky
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    Johnny Borrell comments on Moz

    Is there a proper quote of Borrell saying sthg disrespectful about Moz? I doubt it. I agree that Razorlight make wishy-washy, bland, safe, music (that explains the radio play), but all this hatred towards JB shows that he must have sthg... if not the songs.
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    the biggest difference between Morrissey and Smiths songs is ...

    What did Stephen Street ever do? I mean apart from HairdresserOnFire, Suedehead, SisterI'maPoet, IKnowVerWellHowIGotMyName, EverydayIsLikeSunday, Disappointed, TheLastOfTheFamousInternationalPlayboys, WillNeverMarry, LateNightMaudlinStreet, LuckyLisp, etc. Oh yeah!
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    Starting a band...

    drummers are hard to find ignore the (or make your own) 'rules' of songwriting be loud and catchy; one jack johnson is too many
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    Prince William and Harry sound, um, you know, like uneducated American teens

    Recently I heard Harry refer to his "sorry ass". Proper Englishmen have donkeys. Or arses.
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    New Marr interview in today's NME

    I say it's mostly because of the vocal melody.
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    Moz vs Smiths

    In my world the last two Smiths albums were Viva Hate and Bona Drag. Stephen Street took over marvelously from Johnny Marr.
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    "johnny marr" 4 track recordings c 1980

    Maybe they are genuine and have been cleaned digitally, eh?
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    Remove Morrissey's voice from the Smiths songs and you are left with melodies, grooves, soundscapes; very enjoyable indie-punk-pop-rock. Do the same with his post-Steven Street songs and it's more likely you'll spot some generic backing tracks. Johnny Marr = George Best Boorer/Whyte = David...
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    Salford lad

    you can listen again at the bbc website. click radio2, click salford lad.. etc
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    ssouth bank show

    It is on YouTube; search for lightbox07
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    YouTube gem

    The Real Morrissey
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    The View

    "Superstar Tradesman" by The View is first class.
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    If The Smiths had continued to this day.....

    Anway, JM has a family, plenty money, and can be involved in whatever casual or serious music project he chooses. That would be enough for most. He did enough from '82 to '87 to be a legend.
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    If The Smiths had continued to this day.....

    How odd that some people reckon JM was less than a legend. Ooh, i'd like to hear Viva Hate the way JM would have done it. It would have been intense and relaxed. And better. Steven Street did a superb job. Look at Bona Drag. It is much more than just a compilation (as is The World Won't...
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    There's more to life than books you know

    I never read books, apart from when i do, which is very rarely. My favourite book is "Adolf Hitler, My Part In His Downfall" by Spike Milligan. It made me laugh very much, but possibly the humour could be partly lost on you if your'e not British.. "Slaughterhouse Five" by Kurt Vonnegut.
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    the queen is dead overrated?

    YouTube for "Bigmouth" (the one with Moz in jacket and tie), "Sheila.." & "Shoplifters.." all live on tv shows. That's unsurpassable Smiths. It shows that at least some of the later material could have been recorded live with one guitar. Raw, like the '68 Comeback Special. So, I'll produce...
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