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    Lima - Parque de la Exposición (Dec. 19, 2015) post-show

    Introducing the Band... My name is Alejandro Sanz... credits: Carlos Dianderas
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    Has anyone got The World's Loneliest Man by Vince Eager lyrics??

    thank you so much... very kind of you...
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    Has anyone got The World's Loneliest Man by Vince Eager lyrics??

    Come on, 150 views and nothing yet?? please just feel with the missing words or correct me please... :D well, i am the world's loneliest man... yes i am... and it looks like i'll spend my life walking (?) _________________ all of my hopes all of my dreams, my plans my __________ went with...
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    Has anyone got The World's Loneliest Man by Vince Eager lyrics??

    Please dear friends i am looking for the lyrics, a google it but nothing, i cannot understand a few words due to the fact is an old recording... as english is not my mother tongue i plea for your help... thank you so much... The World's Loneliest Man - Vince Eager...
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    Shameless... Is this a Moz quote?? frank gallagher...

    yes, you are right, i know it is part of suffer little children lyrics wrote 30 years ago, but the thing is that Moz said it in a gig a few years ago as a quote... The Thread is about Frank Gallagher and if is he saying a moz quote...
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    Shameless... Is this a Moz quote?? frank gallagher...

    Hello dear friends, i've just seen the episode 16 from the seven season of shameless, and i realised that frank gallagher said "Manchester so much to Answer for" as i remeber Moz said it once on the gig of who put the "m" in manchester i think... what he said was: “Been in mothballs since the...
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    Lima - Jockey Club (Mar. 14, 2012) post-show

    SHOW WAS OUTRAGEOUS... BEST GIG EVER... SO FAR.. The Whole band was in a kind of yellow tight short and completely fit but Boz... that is why he was using a woman dress, a wig and make up.... :D terribly funny... thanks moz...
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    autumn word in any morrissey lyric?

    hi friends, i'm looking a song with the autumn word in its lyrics, anyone can help me?? thanx (morrissey song of course...)
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    Morrisssey-solo redesign

    great job.. all the best...
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    wtf is this?

    yes your are right... in Peru we celebrate that day for jokes in december 28... and it is called DIA DE LOS INOCENTES ...
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    wtf is this?

    has anyone seen it before? Breaking News: The Smiths Reunite i'm in Peru and someone send me this link... i think is rubbish...
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    Morrissey collapsed on stage

    The former Smiths frontman Morrissey was rushed to hospital tonight after collapsing on stage at the start of a concert. Witnesses said that just moments after the 50-year-old had finished performing his opening song, the 1983 hit This Charming Man, he fell to the floor and was dragged...
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    The Stranglers

    anyone got any bootleg? thanx
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    How do i download torrents from

    You've got to be registered to see the link...
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    mikel erentxun - TIALTNGO

    great singer and composer? :S then why Ian Broudy (lightning seeds) accused him for copying his song "pure"? and mikel even said that he didn't... you can read the article here and here... if you want to hear the song...
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    Mike Joyce Picture

    is not what i was thinking, but thanks.... any other?
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    Mike Joyce Picture

    hi, i'm looking for a recent mike joyce photograph... thank you so much
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    What concert/show are you going to go to next?

    ANDY ROURKE dj session Lima Peru
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    Electronic Req...

    thank you so much, i'm downloading it right now
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    Electronic Req...

    hello, i've got an ELECTRONIC "twisted tenderness" CD but it has only 11 trax, and i've just seen another with 12 trax, so im looking for "King for a Day", can anyone upload it for me thanx in advanced
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