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    The Fratellis tickets Glasgow

    I am selling x3 Fratellis tickets for Glasgow Barrowlands on 31st March. I am looking for £80 for the three of them. Free recorded delivery postage. Just let me know if anybody is interested or knows of anybody who may be looking for tickets to this sold out show.
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    No Song Titles on CD Player

    Has anybody else noticed that the CD of WPINOYB shows as unknown title on the CD display for any of the songs
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    Will Mozza ever get outstaning contribution to music award

    On reading David Bowie getting best British male award at the Brits it got me thinking why Morrissey has never been honoured. When you look at the likes of Pet shop boys, Oasis and Paul Weller being past winners you wonder why Morrissey has been overlooked. Is it going to take a reforming...
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    Tour Setlist without Smiths songs

    If Morrissey was to announce that his upcoming tour will not have any Smiths songs in the playlist would it stop you from going to the show. Personally it would not stop me as I think Morrissey has enough of his own classics to support a tour and why should he sing Smiths songs if the only...
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    Edinburgh Ticket wanted

    If anybody out there has a spare ticket for Saturday i would be very grateful if you would consider selling me one.
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    1 Ticket needed for Edinburgh

    Hi all i know its a long shot but i am looking for a ticket for edinburgh if anybody has a spare it would be much appreciated. :guitar:
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    Benicassim Festival

    Does anybody know if there is buses going to the festival from the UK
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