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  1. Oso Blanco

    Holy grail of unreleased songs

    Don't ask me for a quote, but Alain once said on Facebook that the LIHS version of Home Is A Question Mark is a completely different song. It is not his composition that would have been used for YATQ. Apart from the title, the two tracks have nothing in common. As far as I remember, Home Is A...
  2. Oso Blanco

    Morrissey album release - Morrissey Central (13th Nov.)

    Home Is A Question Mark (the YATQ version)
  3. Oso Blanco

    Morrissey on "Berlin Live" ARTE tv stream (Oct. 11, 2017) reminder / reports

    As someone who was born and raised in Berlin, I am well aware of german politics. I still don't see the point of shouting your political views into the microphone there.
  4. Oso Blanco

    Morrissey on "Berlin Live" ARTE tv stream (Oct. 11, 2017) reminder / reports

    I completely agree with her, but what was the point of shouting that onto the stage during such an event? It was absolutely cringeworthy!
  5. Oso Blanco

    "Spent The Day In Bed" - new single debuts on BBC Radio 2 / The Chris Evans Show (Sep. 19)

    I must say that the new song is slowly growing on me ... it's certainly better than anything on WPINOYB, and it's far more pleasing to the ears, loudness-wise. Let's hope the album won't have any of those useless/endless noisy intros/outros that the fillers on WPINOYB had.
  6. Oso Blanco

    WPINOYB to be reissued by Étienne, Nov. 2016 with new sleeve - Typical Moz e-zine/ Facebook

    Fans have bought WPINOYB already, so what's the point of a re-release? It's not that great an album to begin with, so who is supposed to buy it the second time around?
  7. Oso Blanco

    A recollection from Alain Whyte

    I just stumbled across this on FB, and he should definitely write this book. Judging from his posts over there, he seems to be a really good guy ... and it would be interesting to hear the whole story from his point of view. And I do agree with what he said about the lineup. I saw them in...
  8. Oso Blanco

    TTY: Prince, RIP

    Who cares if Prince was a vegan or if he ate little puppy dogs alive. Prince will always be remembered as a musical genius, while Morrissey will be remembered as a grumpy old man who has nothing left in his life, except for his vegan religion and his hatred for the Royal Family. It's really sad...
  9. Oso Blanco

    25th anniversary of Kill Uncle

    Compared to his lateset album, Kill Uncle is a masterpiece.
  10. Oso Blanco

    TTY: Ecuador date forthcoming

    Interesting ... thanks for posting!
  11. Oso Blanco

    TTY: Ecuador date forthcoming

    I'm surprised that there actually is a Quiteño who knows who Morrissey is ... I always had the impression that he was completely unknown in Ecuador. I wish I was there ... Morrissey in Quito ... awesome!
  12. Oso Blanco

    YOR First try demo track mp3s?

    You don't even know what this is about, do you?
  13. Oso Blanco

    YOR First try demo track mp3s?

    He explained the issue quite well, I think: So, who is the troll now?
  14. Oso Blanco

    Morrissey brands Australia’s Eurovision entry ‘illogical’ - The Australian

    Israel isn't European either, so why can't Australia participate as well? That whole contest is an insult to anyone with the slightest musical taste, anyway.
  15. Oso Blanco

    Smiths will reform

    I want all five of The Smiths, including Craig Gannon ... :D
  16. Oso Blanco

    Smiths will reform

    I see what you mean, but I still can't see Boz feeling insulted by a temporary reunion of The Smiths. It's not as if his wife was making out with an old flame while he's being asked to wait. This is a professional business relationship! Boz had his side projects too, should Morrissey have felt...
  17. Oso Blanco

    Smiths will reform

    Why would be an insult to Boz? It's not as if he must be fired or something. A Smiths reunion (if it ever happens at all) would only be temporary, and Moz would continue with Boz and the others after it's over. And I don't think that Boz would die of boredom during that break, either. He seems...
  18. Oso Blanco

    Songs recorded live/radio but never recorded in studio form?

    Of course! I completely forgot about those!
  19. Oso Blanco

    Songs recorded live/radio but never recorded in studio form?

    I wouln't really count all the cover versions he's been playing live over the years. The only two genuine Morrissey songs are Playing Easy To Get and Noise Is The Best Revenge. Along with the mysterious Home Is A Question Mark, this counts for three unreleased tracks from YATQ!
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