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  1. ray_afraid

    the Cherokee Sessions?

    Does anybody have the complete Cherokee session recordings and would be willing to share? Or at least a track list so I can try to hunt them all down? You're a daisy if you do!
  2. ray_afraid

    Swords itunes bonus tracks?

    :blushing: Anybody willing to share these two tracks?
  3. ray_afraid

    What She Said SotS itunes bonus track

    Could any kind soul share the itunes bonus track What She Said from the Sound of the Smiths? I'd be very grateful.
  4. ray_afraid

    Moon Over Kentucky

    Whaddaya figure the chances of a studio version of this cover appearing on Swords are?
  5. ray_afraid

    Redondo Beach

    Did Moz record his cover of Redondo Beach in studio or is the live version the only one available?
  6. ray_afraid

    any audio, vido or pics from STL 04.08.09

    Whaddaya got? I unfortunately couldn't get my camera inside. I think i have a few pics of the line outside if anybody wants to see em, but it's not much at all. Anyway, please post all media from 04.08.09 in this thread!
  7. ray_afraid

    St. Louis Roll Call!

    Will I be all alone? Please say "NO"! Last time he was in St. Louis was a sold out show on his birthday in 2007. Anyone who was there (including the man himself) can tell ya that it was a great show! Will Next week be as good? Possibly BETTER? Why don't you find out for yourself!
  8. ray_afraid

    Anybody got any recorded in studio banter?

    I'm looking for any kind of recorded conversation or just a few lines from any of the recording sessions from the beginning of the Smiths to this year. I'm thinking of things like the clip of Moz discussing Everyday Is Like Sunday from the Viva Hate Outtakes. Anything would be greatly...
  9. ray_afraid

    Sound of the Smiths art work

    Would anyone be so kind as to scan and post the covers/inserts ect. to the Sound of the Smiths albums? I know the covers are different, but is the interior art different as well? Thanks.
  10. ray_afraid


    Any other fans of the Cuyler clan around here?
  11. ray_afraid

    03.13.2006 Tulsa Oklahoma

    Anybody got anything from 03.13.2006 Tulsa Oklahoma? I'd LOVE to have any audio, video, pics, ect.
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