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    Morrissey, the most photogenic man in pop?

    I dont think I'v ever seen a bad picture of him,EVER!
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    Explain these smiths lyrics please?

    The hand that rocks the cradle That joke isnt funny anymore Death at one elbow I have my own little interpretations I guess, but it would be nice to hear your speculation of these lyrics meaning.
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    Do you consider Morrissey to be the greatest lyricist of all time?

    ...And if not then who is? My top three: 1.Leonard Cohen 2.Moz 3.Noel Gallagher
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    Scandinavia and Art Hounds-mp3s?

    Can anybody provide me with listenable version of these songs in mp3-format? I would really appreciate it! Thank you!
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    List of bands/artists that Morrissey hates?

    Can anyone send a link or just post a reply where you list all(or atleast some) of the artists that Moz has expressed a dislike towards?
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    Has Morrissey ever played an instrument?

    I remember him playing around with a guitar in the HSIN-video, but other than that I dont think I´v ever seen him touch one. Does anybody know if he took pianolessons as a kid or something like that? I´m just curious...
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    Any gamers on this forum?

    Since one of our times greatest game designers(Hideo Kojima) likes Morrissey,I was just wondering if there's any hardcore gamers on this site. I'm a proud owner of several consoles,ranging from the NES,8-bit era to the current generation. So yeah...I mostly sit home and play Nintendo with...
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    If you knew Morrissey sexual orientation, Would you tell anybody?

    Imagine if you for some strange reason found out something about moz love life(partner,sexualityetc). Would you keep it a secret or tell every single person who gives a shit? I think i could keep my mouth shut. What about you?
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    I'm looking for an artist/band with morbid songs about isolation and suicide,cleverly told throught nerdy popculture refrences. Any tips?
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    The new album...will it happen?

    The new songs hasn´t exactly been well recieved, Moz is well kinda...old and there is currently no sign of a record deal. My opptimism is slowly fading away. A new album seems like lightyears ahead.
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    Post your own lyrics!

    Well, since we all adore old Mozzer and his powerful poetic lyrics I thougt(or pretty much assumed) that there´s people with creative writing abilities who´s tried to create their own little heartfelt,witty or just downright brilliant pop-poetry. Would be lovely if anybody shared some of their...
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    Now My Heart Is Full meaning?

    Hi! This my first real post on this forum One of my alltime favorite Morrisseyssongs is Now my heart is full. It has that hyptonic guitar intro, moz voice sounds incredibly intimate and ofc contains some of most poetic lines. However i cant quite work out the exact meaning of the song. It...
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    New here

    Hi, I´v been a morrissey and smithsfan for a couple of years now.I´v also regular viewer on this forum and simply decided to join today .Despite this sites bad reputation,I hope you will embrace me in to the morrissey-solofamily and make my days as a contributor on this site worth while...
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