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    Je Suis...Meaning????

    So I saw a thread before (but for the life of me I can't find it)... stating the meaning of "Je suis Morrissey" I know it means.. "I am Morrissey" But I am sure there was another meaning from "je suis" Any help??? Please don't flame... I did search... Jason
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    Maladjusted White Cover?

    Hello, Back in 2000ish, I brought A Maladjusted CD with a white cover (instead on silver), and the inside is black, instead of green? I found it at a used music store. I have never seen one of these before? Does anyone have any details on it? thanks jason
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    Witty Moz Concerts

    Hello, As I am sure we all do, I just love when moz is witty in concert and has fun. I've basically heard two types of bootlegs, one where he just sings, says something in between and that's that. The other, you can really tell he is enjoying himself.. Especially when he makes very witty...
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    Looking for best recording that includes Life is a pigsty

    Hello, i am looking for the best recording from the latest round of shows which includes "Life is a Pigsty" Any help would be greatly appreciated.. many thanks jason
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