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    "I Keep Mine Hidden" different mix in the Complete box set

    Info posted by sid james back in Oct. 2011, in case anyone missed it: --- I hate posting on this place, but please check the version physically pressed on the reverse of the 'Sweet and Tender Hooligan' 7" in the deluxe 'Complete' boxset. Mine is a different mix - the easiest way to notice -...
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    1 x Austin ticket for sale - Orchestra Row B

    I have a spare ticket for the Austin show for sale on Ebay, starting at 99p. (Was forced to buy two from a tout when I only needed one, so i need to sell the other one for whatever I can get!)
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    Vintage official 'Shakespeare's Sister' T-shirt for sale.

    Another item from the depths of my wardrobe listed on ebay, starting at 99p.
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    Vintage Smiths T-shirts

    They've been gathering dust in my wardrobe for too many years, so I'm selling a couple of vintage Smiths T-Shirts on Ebay (starting 99p each): Girlfriend in a Coma Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now...
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    Both versions of Sweetie-Pie - combined

    Here's a mix I did this morning of the two different versions of Sweetie-Pie, combined into one. I liked hearing the melodic version of Sweetie-Pie, but it's a bit too dry and normal for my tastes, so I've tried adding back in some of the released version to thicken up the sound. The two...
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    Born to Hang - Redux

    Just to emphasise that this is 100% NOT official, but just in case anyone else is interested, I've attempted to beef up that old leaked 'Born To Hang' demo with some new guitar/bass/drum overdubs (and a brand new intro while I was at it). I'm not claiming its an improvement on the original...
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    Morrissey @ Rugby World Cup on Ticketmaster?!?

    I presume this is a misprint on Ticketmaster's website, and Moz isn't going to be singing the national anthem or something? :p
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    Morrissey on 'Saxondale' clip

    OK, it's only a name-check, but I thought it was quite amusing. The set up is a middle-aged pest-controller and his other half downstairs, while his younger assistant is busy getting his end away with a girl upstairs. Oh, and for non-Brits 'Monster Munch' is a brand of crisp...
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    Would a 'Very Best of Morrissey and the Smiths' CD be heresy?

    I've been thinking about the upcoming latest 'greatest hits' CD, the rumours regarding Morrissey signing with Warners (who already own the Smiths back catalogue), and the record amounts of old Smiths numbers performed on the current 'Greatest Hits' tour and wondering - what if the new...
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    'Front of queue' privilege - is this still happenning or not?

    Just spotted this post on the front page regarding the New York 5 day pass: Does anyone who managed to land a 5 day pass have any further information as to whether or not this 'front of queue privilege' is still happenning, or did you just receive 5 normal tickets?
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    Large number of Morrissey/Smiths bootleg CDs for sale

    Being short of cash I am selling off my collection of Morrissey/Smiths bootleg CDs. These are shop-bought pressed CD bootlegs that I bought in various independant record shops way back when NOT home-made burned CD-Rs with photocopied booklets etc. All starting at only 49p each...
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    'This Is not Your Country' query

    Listening to this song again yesterday reminded me there's a line in the lyrics I never quite understood: '...and this Peurgeot ad spins round in my head'. Anyone know exactly what Peurgeot advert was Morrissey referring to and what its bearing is on the theme of the song?
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    "Youngest Was the Most Loved" official live downloads

    Does anyone know if the 4 versions available on Morrissey's Sanctuary website (Manchester Opera House, Gateshead, Grimsby, Manchester Apollo) are the only versions available, as I thought I heard someone mention 6 being available on another site, but I may have been hallucinating?
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    1 minute samples of new B Sides

    Apologies if these have already been posted: If You Don't Like Me, Don't Look At Me: Ganglord: A Song From Under The Floorboards...
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    Celeb spotting at Morrissey gigs

    Amused to spot Harry Hill at last nights Palladium gig, enjoying himself in the front row of the Royal Circle, even taking a few pictures at one point! Given his shocking 'Stars in their Eyes' tribute though I'm grateful I was far enough away that I couldn't hear if he was singing along or not...
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    'Golden Lights' - why all the hate?

    For some reason this song seems to be picked on as the all-time low-point of the Smiths career, with most people claiming to hate it. Why? OK - it may not quite be up to the level of the Morrissey/Marr originals, but it's a charming little song with some nice backing vocals from Kirsty MacColl...
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    Favourite Morrissey producer

    Yes - another boring poll, but I find this one stunningly hard to decide on myself. Stephen Street gave a great sound to the early Morrissey material with Viva Hate still sounding great today; Mick Ronson's glam rock sound on 'Your Arsenal' was genius; Tony Visconti's work on 'Ringleader'...
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    Favourite Morrissey songwriting partner

    Ignoring Johnny Marr for the obvious reason that he'd romp home and win this poll by a mile, who is your favourite Morrissey songwriting collaborator? (Somehow I think this tussle is going to be between the big 3 of Street, Whyte and Boorer, but you never know...)
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    OK - what has happenned with Tiger Army vanishing from the tour?

    Thats 2 dates in a row now - London Palladium and Cardiff St Davids Hall, that Tiger Army have been mysteriously absent from the support slot, with no on stage announcement as to why they are not playing. Frankly I;m not hugely bothered if they've been kicked off the tour, as I'm there to see...
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    Spare tickets anyone? Looking for London, Birmingham & Cheltenham

    EDITED OK, having decided to follow every date of the 2nd half of Morrisseys UK tour I find myself still looking for a few outstanding tickets, namely for London Palladium (28th only) and Cheltenham. If any genuine fans find themselves with unwanted spares for any of these gigs and aren't...
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