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    Morrissey, the most photogenic man in pop?

    I dont think I'v ever seen a bad picture of him,EVER!
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    Explain these smiths lyrics please?

    The hand that rocks the cradle That joke isnt funny anymore Death at one elbow I have my own little interpretations I guess, but it would be nice to hear your speculation of these lyrics meaning.
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    What song are you listening to right now?

    As morbid as it gets.Oh,these melancholy nights...
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    Do you consider Morrissey to be the greatest lyricist of all time?

    ...And if not then who is? My top three: 1.Leonard Cohen 2.Moz 3.Noel Gallagher
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    Best song, best line, best lyric right now

    Re: Best Song, Best Line, Best Lyric RIGHT NOW (Non-Morrissey Edition) Four o'clock in the afternoon and I didn't feel like very much. I said to myself, "Where are you golden boy, where is your famous golden touch?" I thought you knew where all of the elephants lie down, I thought you were the...
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    Scandinavia and Art Hounds-mp3s?

    Can anybody provide me with listenable version of these songs in mp3-format? I would really appreciate it! Thank you!
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    List of bands/artists that Morrissey hates?

    I'v read in one off the leaked NME-letters that he hates Aerosmith and im pretty sure that he doesnt care for a large part off the hardrockbands of that era.
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    List of bands/artists that Morrissey hates?

    Can anyone send a link or just post a reply where you list all(or atleast some) of the artists that Moz has expressed a dislike towards?
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    Re-releases: Viva Hate and Suedehead

    I hate to be captain obvious but...GOD!! When I read this I just keep thinking about Paint a vulgar picture. I mean he could have said no,if he wanted to...right?
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    Has Morrissey ever played an instrument?

    I remember him playing around with a guitar in the HSIN-video, but other than that I dont think I´v ever seen him touch one. Does anybody know if he took pianolessons as a kid or something like that? I´m just curious...
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    Can I sing?

    Not really...but neither can I! Nice choice songchoice though.I recomend hours of practise everyday and contacting a vocal coach.Then im sure ypu will be able to hit those notes as well as Moz himself.
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    Any gamers on this forum?

    Since one of our times greatest game designers(Hideo Kojima) likes Morrissey,I was just wondering if there's any hardcore gamers on this site. I'm a proud owner of several consoles,ranging from the NES,8-bit era to the current generation. So yeah...I mostly sit home and play Nintendo with...
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    Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear Solid guy) tweets about listening to Morrissey

    That's pretty cool. Suda 51 (creator of NO MORE HEROES and friend of Kojima) also loves Morrissey.
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    If you knew Morrissey sexual orientation, Would you tell anybody?

    Imagine if you for some strange reason found out something about moz love life(partner,sexualityetc). Would you keep it a secret or tell every single person who gives a shit? I think i could keep my mouth shut. What about you?
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    Thanks, Some decent songs fitting quite well to my far fetched request. Some of my personal favs: Sisters of Mercy - Nine While Nine Simon And Garfunkel - I Am A Rock Marianne Faithfull - As Tears Go By Broder Daniel - Luke Skywalker If somebody manages to find some sort of similar song to one...
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    I'm looking for an artist/band with morbid songs about isolation and suicide,cleverly told throught nerdy popculture refrences. Any tips?
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    What relaxes you?

    The sound of someone burning a "Green Day"album.
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    What are the odds? Will Moz get a new record deal?

    Sometimes I cant help but wonder if Morrissey one will just say "f*** it" and retire without the YOR-followup. All we will be left with are a couple of liveradiorecordings and "recorded with a microwave"-sounding versions of Art Hounds and Scandinavia(which in my oppinion sounds like the most...
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    Best song, best line, best lyric right now

    Re: Best Song, Best Line, Best Lyric RIGHT NOW (Non-Morrissey Edition) Age is a meaningless number, When your asshole is the size of a cucumber By "Weird internetpedo i talked to the other day"
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    The new album...will it happen?

    The new songs hasn´t exactly been well recieved, Moz is well kinda...old and there is currently no sign of a record deal. My opptimism is slowly fading away. A new album seems like lightyears ahead.
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