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    the kid's a looker official download for US retail

    Hey all, Not looking for a freebie, just wondering if there is any legal way to purchase and download The Kid's a Looker within the US. The online EMI shop will not let me purchase it, it's not on Amazon or iTunes. What's up with that? If it is not legally buyable, then Of Course I...
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    Req: St. Louis Pageant mp3s

    April 8 (?), 2009 show...there's a really fantastic boot of this floating around, I believe, but I can't seem to locate it anywhere on mp3, only as a torrent. And I'm dumb and have yet to enter the wide, wonderful world of torrents. Is it posted somewhere in mp3 format? Help?
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    2009 "Best Of" Live Recordings

    Hi, I know the tour continues, but I'm wondering if anyone has either compiled or noted the best quality live recordings from the Tour of Refusal. I know there's a lot out there, but most of what I download is inferior audience recorded stuff: great mementos, but not great to listen to...
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    fallon mp3?

    Has anyone created an mp3 of Moz doing Black Cloud from Fallon last night? If so, would you mind sharing? It was such a stellar performance...
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    1 philly pit ticket needed badly...will pay lots!!!!!!!

    Hi, I got a bit fleeced, or at least fooled, between ebay and stubhub, and find myself one ticket short for the Philly show, in the pit. I will pay a stupid amount of cash for one ticket in the pit, anywhere.......
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    in search of 2 philly pit tix

    Hey, anybody selling, or know where I can buy, two pit tix for the Philly show? I'm dumb (or just fanatical (or a bit of both)) and willing to part with a stupid amount of cash for them. Five shows, this tour, are apparently not enough to satiate me...
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    lucky lisp / drive-in saturday

    Hi, I've been trawling through the numerous boots of the past tour and I can't seem to find decent recordings of either of these songs. Does anyone out there have a recommendation or link that would be helpful? Thanks much.
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    WANTED: 2 Max Moz for Sat or Sun

    Hi, I'm looking for 2 N-types for Saturday or Sunday. I will pay pay pay pay for them, I'm not looking to be cheap about the privilege. Thanks.
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    5 day pass people need not read...

    I am one of many. Sadly unable to procure one of the golden tickets, sadly shelling out lots of cash to go to all five shows anyway, more than slightly irritated and envious of those "real fans" with their VIP privileges, and God forbid with their custom-made tees. I've been moping around for...
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    maximum moz - - nyc

    As I'm sure many of you have noticed, pre-sale info has sprung up on Ticketmaster for the Hammerstein shows, but nothing about the "season pass". LiveNation mentions the offering but offers no specifics. Does anyone have an inside track on this? I don't want to start buying individual show...
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    Mann Center seating chart

    Could someone confirm for me that pit seats are being sold for this show? And if they are, is it a ga pit? I keep getting decent hits on orchestra seats in the pre-show, better than what the scalpers are offering. Keep trying, people...
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    G.A. venues?

    Look, I'm willing to travel far, as I'm sure many of you are, to go see Moz on this tour. The question is, which venues will be offering general admission seating? I trudged all the way out to the Aragon, from NYC, knowing I could be up front; why else? I don't want to waste my efforts to end...
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    please point me to a good boot!

    Hi, I think it's completely fantastic that people are so graciously sharing so many recordings of shows from the current tour but I have to say, nearly every show I download is practically unlistenable. Can someone recommend or highlight a show that was captured well? I remember past tours...
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