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  1. William4

    I Need Shirt Help!

    ok, who out there has this shirt (the priest shirt) my question is: would you mind looking on the tag and telling me what company made them? thanks!
  2. William4

    My Insatiable One

    when do you think was the best recording? and would you care to share? :D
  3. William4

    Jackass Mtv Takeover

    hey on mtv its 24 hours of the fellas from jackass hanging out in the studios being.. jackasses. they play music videos and do funny things.. so my girlfriend just called me to wake up and turn it on because the first video they played was This Charming Man!! thats supa cool! i wonder when was...
  4. William4

    Thought this was funny

    on ebay:
  5. William4

    Ripping Youtube files

    does anybody know of any alternatives to to save youtube audio?? it never works for me! i always get the same generic error message..
  6. William4

    Conan Obrien Joke

    Ben & Jerry's is formally endorsing Obama over Clinton. This is because "Barocky Road" is a better name than "Pants Suits and Creme". this made me laugh. i will now refer to all nasty-flavored ice cream as "Pants Suits and Creme".
  7. William4

    Celebrities You Can't Stand

    i got this idea from the haircuts from hell thread.... and because i LOATHE:
  8. William4

    The Lies I've Told Lately Thread

    tell us some of those "little" and "not so little" lies you've told recently i'll start: i told my dad i didn't have any money for lunch so he'd give me some:D
  9. William4

    I Have A Fever

    im sick!!!:sick:
  10. William4

    The I Can't Sleep Thread

    yeah.. i cant sleep EVER so i'll be on this thread every single night. :eek: - totally me right now
  11. William4

    Question for all Vinyl Collectors

    Is there a website that lists, with pictures, all of his vinyl releases?
  12. William4

    Children in pieces

    would someone be so kind as to let me hear it?
  13. William4

    Moz Lookin Fella

    Right now im watching the old Tales From the Darkside tv show, the episode about "the grither" and i just have to say that uncle mike looks like he could be moz's brother or something.... quiff, longish face, strong chin
  14. William4

    Will Never Marry

    does anyone have the 3:39 version from everyday is like sunday?
  15. William4


    im looking for 2 particular posters, one is the cover of alma matters single and the other is the cover of we hate it when our friends.. single. i know ive seen them both before but i just cant find them now:confused:
  16. William4

    Noise Is The Best Revenge

    ive never heard it. anyone have it? :D
  17. William4

    Website help

    hey sorry i seem to be having a brain malfunction.. i cant remember the name of that website that has all those professional moz pics... where they are all highly detailed, high definition, brightly colored, and large. i think the photographer was someone on the forum? eh. the site had a...
  18. William4


    i seem to remember seeing the pictures from the viva hate album photo shoot in an 'uncut' manner, where you can see his whole face and not just the close up. would anybody be so kind as to post them or link me to them?
  19. William4


    anyone ever been to constitution hall? from what ive read, its mainly a sit-down venue. i dunno if that type of atmosphere would be that.... dare i say.. 'worth it' if you know what i mean.. thoughts?
  20. William4


    ok so the other day somebody posted a link which claimed to have the concert with asleep, or at least part of it, or something... i cant remember but now i cant find that thread! help me out here
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