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    Official Ticket Buy/Sell/Trade For Palladium Shows Thread

    This should be started soon because people are going to start debating on which nights they want to go to, which nights they need tickets for and all of that. So post in here with what show you either have to buy sell or trade for. Please update the status on your tickets so people dont keep...
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    2 Vegas FLOOR Tickets for Sale

    Due to unforseen circumstances I cannot attend the Vegas Moz show. I have 2 floor tickets I am selling them for what they cost which was $150 TOTAL. They are hard tickets, pm or respond here. Thanks.
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    2 Tickets for Hollywood Bowl for Sale

    A co worker of minecant make it and asked me to try and sell these for them. Tickets are in section N2 Row 7 seats 103 and 104, they are ticketfast tickets. Asking for $100 for the pair which is waaay under face value/final price. Thanks
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    2 Hollywood Bowl Tickets For Sale

    I have a pair of tickets for the Hollywood Bowl show for sale. They are in Section F2 Row 18 seats 109 and 110. Just asking what They cost which was $150 total, thanks
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    Floor Tickets for Morrissey in Vegas @ The Pearl For Sale(maybe)

    So a friend of mine might not end up going to the Vegas show, and they have floor tickets. I said I would help to sell them if that happens. So in the meantime I figured I would let you guys know, if more than one person wants them pm your best offer. Obviously they just want their money back...
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    Make Your Own Southpark Character Portrait

    I know this is super old but I think it can get fun. I am posting me and THE MAN himself.
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    One Vegas Ticket for sale

    Ticket is in section 203 Row S. Real ticket, pm me or reply. Thanks.
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    1 Hollywood Bowl Terrace Ticket for Sale

    So I have 1 Terrace ticket for the Hollywood Bowl. The seat is in Terrace Box 1351 which is on the aisle with a great center view. I am asking for what I paid which is $150. Pm me or post here, this is a hard ticket. Thanks
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    KROQ Contest for Hollywood Bowl Tickets This Weekend

    This starts today at noon. And they said it will be PIT TICKETS for Moz. Which I guess means no seats for the Pool area of the bowl if they do it that way. K-ROQ OF THE 90S WEEKEND Listen to KROQ all this Roq of the 90s weekend to pick your tickets to either: ROQ THE BELLS...
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