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  1. morrisseys girl

    Birmingham cancelled

    totally gutted!!! was sposed see him at one of the roundhouse gigs, this is twice in a row. please dont cancel manchester :( :( :(
  2. morrisseys girl

    What kind of day have you had?

    ^^^ pretty pics :) :) :) i had knakering day at work.must get to bed...
  3. morrisseys girl

    New James cd

    yeah very sad indeed, i never knew nicola but feel so touched and sad havng got to 'know' her over the forum. thank you for your aknowledgement.
  4. morrisseys girl

    Artic Monkeys

    i personally really like them, have been into since they were unknowns saw them at the little civic in wolverhampton with bout 200 others, spent a few nights backstage with them at various gigs and despte there young age (early 20's) have watched them grow over the years to what i believe are...
  5. morrisseys girl

    New James cd

    great pics thanks for sharing. they still look on top of the world. i wanted to do a seperate post about this but thought maybe just james fans would be intersted, anyhow a memeber of the james forum sadly passed away last week,and as a mark of respect the members of the forum thought all...
  6. morrisseys girl

    Morrissey and Tim Booth???

    i was wondering, does anyone know if they are still freinds/in contact??? james been in my top 3 bands im intrigued as to wether tim and morrissey are still mates. (apologies if this been asked befor or in wrong forum)
  7. morrisseys girl

    ~ The 'All things CATS' thread ~

    :eek: :eek: :eek: thats one big cat!!! do they all get that big??? and yay for sophie pic thanks lol she is most bootiful ubber cute cat ive seen
  8. morrisseys girl

    ~ The 'All things CATS' thread ~

    i have just melted !!! i dont think ive ever seen such cute kittys, ive never heard of that breed but ill be keeping a look out for a companion for whiskey cat. more pics of sophie please shes sooo adorable lol
  9. morrisseys girl

    share your Nigerian (or equiv) scam email

    lol you get spammed alot !!! all them made me think of the guy from phone jacker
  10. morrisseys girl

    What song are you listening to right now?

    joy division - she's lost control
  11. morrisseys girl

    ~ The 'All things CATS' thread ~

    sophie is really cute !!! is she a breed or a one of???
  12. morrisseys girl

    the guitar hero/rockband thread...

    i bought a real guitar a year ago but couldnt learn a note on it, then guitar hero came out and i thought maybe that would help with the real one but it didnt it felt worse and i wanted buttons to press not flimsy little wires. id go for paint it black as my fave. when does rock band come out in...
  13. morrisseys girl

    You done drugs?

    just put a joint out and have some coke on order for weekend :) :) :)
  14. morrisseys girl

    ~ The 'All things CATS' thread ~

    some more of whiskey
  15. morrisseys girl

    Visiting Amsterdam

    im off there too in the summer, my 4th visit... i think. not sure i can help with any record shops as ive never really looked tbh have never really thought bout looking for records there ... but i will be, so interested to know what suggestions are made here. as for touristy things we qued for 2...
  16. morrisseys girl

    is anyone taking antidepressant? :P

    ive been on them for 5 years, bit of a shit for so long but they do help, i currently take duloxatine 60mg, helps with my moods best and supposdly to help my anxiety problems, goddam anxiety,i hate it!!! hang on in there,i started out on citalopram and it was ok, not saying youll be on them as...
  17. morrisseys girl

    Moz tattoo

    Re: Moz tatoo i got mine last year and just had it redone so its darker,its not much i know but i like it and might add more to it later.
  18. morrisseys girl

    Smiths Jacket Patches?

    no probs, i bought a tshirt printing kit from partners and printed my own picture for the back, it dont fit me no more but cant part with it, will just have to do a smaller one lol.
  19. morrisseys girl

    Smiths Jacket Patches?

    i got mine meat is murder one of ebay and the rest from here : HTH
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