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    The Vaccines - Total Power Pop (EP)

    Hi All, Did anyone pre-order the The Vaccines - Combat Sport Album? If so, Did you get the free zip file - Total Power Pop (EP)? If you did get the EP, would you be willing to share? I did not pre-order, I am old school and still buy CD's at my local Record Store. Let me know. Thanks for the...
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    Trashcan Sinatras - New Album #6

    Hi All, I know there are some TCS Fans out there on the Forum. TCS is beginning to recording their sixth album in the next coming months. And they are asking for fans to get involved to help with the Album. Below is the pledge link.
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    The Raconteurs - Live In London TMR 018

    Anyone have this 2LP release? This was the first Vault Package from Third Man Records back in February 2010. I would love to hear it, if anyone has it ripped and willing to share? Thanks for the help.
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    Mimicking Birds - Old ( Website

    Hi All, Does anyone have the 24 or more tracks that were available for download on the old mimicking birds website? Or any of the other home recordings or early demos? I have the store bought CD, looking for the other rarities. Thanks for the help.
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    The Beautiful South - demos and help needed with B-sides

    Hi All, I know there are some TBS fans out there. I came across the Demos for TBS last Album Superbi, and wanted to share them with you, Below is the link. Also I need some help with B-sides from TBS CD Singles. I am looking for a Total of 8 songs...
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    James live B sides singles and rarities, demos

    I saw the on Thread "James rough trade rarities?" a link to "james' live songs from the singles". The link has been deleted or taken down, can someone please repost a new link. Also does anyone have any other rarities or demos they can share or post? I'd love to hear them. Thanks for...
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