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    Manchester standing tickets wanted

    2 standing tickets for the Manchester gig needed if anyone has spares.
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    Looking to buy an Italian cd for the Louder than Bombs release(CDROUG 255), NEAR MINT or better only, please pm if you have a spare.
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    The Smiths on the Smiths-Melody Maker poster

    Hi all, does anyone know which issue of Melody Maker this poster came from? I found it folded in a sleeve in a batch of records from Germany but cannot trace it. I looked through the passions list of magazines but couldn't find mention of this. The poster is quite large...2' x 3' approx. Any...
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    Queen is dead UK white label promo for sale

    Hi folks, For sale is a mint un-played UK white label promo. Comes in original plain anti static sleeve. matrix A-1U-1-1-1 B-1U-1-1 Happy to post worldwide, pictures on request. No time wasters please. PM me an offer...first sensible offer buys it.
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    Heaven knows I'm miserable now 12" test pressing for the A1/ B1 alternate version

    Another gem unearthed...anyone with a genuine interest in buying this rare white label please PM me. Thank you. Record now SOLD. Thank you for the interest.
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    Barbarism Begins At Home 7" & 12" test pressings found

    Calling out to knowledgeable collectors. I have just bought the test pressings for the 7" and 12" German releases(RTD021/T). The Passions site does not mention them, does anyone else own these?
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    £5000 Hand in Glove Mayking

    So most likely a 1984 test pressing by all accounts. Why doesn't this one have the same handwriting as others and no date stamp? Does anyone have any info on this one. It has been on and off ebay for a while now...
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    Panic 7" Mayking test press in alternative sleeve

    Happy New year folks. Today I bought a 7" Mayking test pressing for the 1986 release of "Panic". Does anyone else own this? It's the first copy I have ever come across and as an added bonus it comes in the alternate sleeve with white title lettering and "pill" bar on the back. The A side is...
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    Heaven knows I'm miserable now 12" test pressing for sale

    Offers invited for a mint example of this very rare white label. I'm happy to post it worldwide. PM me if interested and wish to discuss further. ps it is the A1/B1 extended version pressing.
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    This Charming Man 7" test pressing

    Does anyone own a copy of this? I'm guessing its the test pressing for the Megadisc release, I haven't seen one before so if anyone else has it some info would be appreciated...
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    I tried and I failed

    Went in hard for this one, did not see £728 coming!!
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    bargain cd's

    .....if you live in Swindon and can collect!!
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    Dutch Queen is Dead white label query

    Does anyone own a copy of the above?? I recently bought a nice bundle of Smiths white labels from a Discogs seller but I have a question that needs answering. When you look closely at the white label you can see that it is an old label that has been turned over and pressed onto the vinyl...
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    Smiths rarities

    I was taking a look through listings on Discogs recently when I spotted the UK test pressings for the Louder than bombs compilation. I have never seen these offered before so snapped them up. Amazingly they had been on Discogs for 3 weeks without anyone wanting to pay the £150 asking price. That...
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    Mispressed hatful?

    Hi all, just wanted to know if this is a rare misprint LOL.
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    Phillipines Smiths/Morrissey records

    Are there any experts in the field of Phillipino issued records? I recently bought a job lot of Phillipino records and the Smiths/Morrissey ones were snapped up quickly in private sales. I had never come across them before so was wondering if anyone knew much about them.
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    Spare £1000 anyone?

    Does anyone have a spare grand lying around for this one???? :crazy:
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    Reel around the fountain test pressing wanted

    Hi all, I am looking to buy this record on behalf of a collector if anyone is looking to part with it. I will pay £1250 for a near mint one but will insist on paying through paypal only. If you have anything else of interest to sell please drop me a PM, I will pay very fair prices for anything...
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    Hatful of Hollow white label

    Does anyone own the white label of Hatful with the following matrix numbers? ROUGH 76 A2 ROUGH 76 B Passions lists A1 B1 matrix details only, any ideas?
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