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    New album for new versions

    Hello, morrissey has changed a lot the songs recently such as ouija board and you have killed me and other ones i mean on the way he plays them and diffrent voice and diffrent guitar sounds is all a diffrent version specially ouija board with the playing of the guitar also first of the gang is...
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    i have a complete cd's of morrissey for sale (complete all realesed) except singles cd's.all are cd.some are 2cd set with cardboard sleve with booklets and posters no one is missing.some are new unused all excellent condition as new.only sell in australia.aprox.value is around $ 500(aud).selling...
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    how they share the money?

    my question is as before morrissey was playing on the band the smiths and then they split.but today morrissey still doing concerts and singing songs that he compose (write) with other people under morrissey,but what happens to the old songs that were from when he was with smiths like an example...
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    Morrissey-solo website is a wikineaks

    Hey everyone, i just let know to the public that this website is monitored by people who erase and cancel posts threads if they don't like what you say i post some comments relating a concert about it was not good to be on monday as people are working next day tuesday! And some other things and...
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    is morrissey taking a break?

    Anyone knows why in this month of june,is morrissey taking a break? No concerts at all this month! Is he going for holidays?
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    complete morrissey cd's for sale (australia)

    a complete morrissey cd collection for sale.all cd realesed including last one viva hate remastered also live cd bethoven was deaf and live in earls court uk.also all 2 cd editions and with dvd.not single realeses. Price is negotiable also some cd's are hard to get or must be ordered paid near...
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    i have a figurine of hector the one of the first of the gang to die,,,i sell it for 5 cents,,,,,,,,:crazy:
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    Free tickets first 20

    FREE MORRISSEY TICKETS FOR THE FIRST 20 CALLERS [email protected] -TODIEN.COM (please call first of the gang to die):lbf:
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    meat murder killing

    not popular in oceania !!!!! hi,morrissey is not much popular in oceania,,did people know about that !!!! in recent years has not organised any concert in australia since 2002 also was suposed to go to new zealand this year but fears of that not many people was gonna go watch sir morrissey make...
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