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  1. Young And Alive

    I'm OK By Myself meaning

    Is it about Johnny Marr? Could this be an arm around my waist? Well, surely the hand contains a knife? Morrissey and Marr have met each other several times since the end of The Smiths. They most likely embraced like old friends. But he still feels betrayed by Marr walking out in the first...
  2. Young And Alive

    Johnny on backing vocals

    This will probably be old news to 99% of you, but I was completely unaware that Johnny ever sang backing vocals live with The Smiths - until I saw this. It should have continued.
  3. Young And Alive

    Joyce's letters - "I know you must hate me"

    Morrissey says in Autobiography that Joyce sent him two letters after the court case, one of which begins "I know you must hate me..." In true Moz style he doesn't really disclose what the rest of the letters say. Was Joyce pleading for a Smiths reunion?
  4. Young And Alive

    Songs that sound like they could've been Morrissey songs

    I've always imagined Halo by Texas to be like a Maladjusted-era Morrissey effort.
  5. Young And Alive

    HSIN synthesized with alternate lyrics It's track #10 on the list:thumb:
  6. Young And Alive

    Pregnant For The Last Time - meaning?

    I've always wondered what Morrissey was thinking of when he wrote this track. Could it be about a disloyal lover? Either that or someone whom the protagonist wanted to have a relationship with, but they have left them in the lurch by taking ages to make up their mind over whether they want a...
  7. Young And Alive

    Observation about "I'm OK By Myself"

    To me the intro sounds like a cross between "Girl Afraid" and The Buzzcocks' "Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've)?". Any other YOR similarities out there?
  8. Young And Alive

    More obscure songs to be played this tour?

    Songs which are not any of his big hits (like Suedehead, The More You Ignore Me and Irish Blood) or any songs which have been played to death in previous shows. I'd personally love to hear There Speaks A True Friend or My Love Life :)
  9. Young And Alive

    I Am Two People

    Anyone else love this song? Lyrically pretty straightforward but effective too in my opinion. Also, I love the "It's just because I love you..." bit and the outro, with the piano and Moz repeating "I am, I am..." and moaning. When you consider the fact that Pregnant For The Last Time...
  10. Young And Alive

    Sunny video

    Any thoughts on how the video for Sunny ties in with the song itself?
  11. Young And Alive

    What Would a 5th Smiths Studio Album Have Been Like?

    Just assuming that Morrissey had been fine with Marr taking THAT holiday post-Strangeways, and let him record with other artists for a few months. And just assuming that during this time, the group found a good manager which they all liked who took away much of the workload from Marr. Let's...
  12. Young And Alive

    Moz ripped off Pet Shop Boys?

    Sorry if you all knew this anyway, but I've just read the lyrics to the Pet Shop Boys' song "If Love Were All". It contains the line which immediately made me think of "Found, Found, Found". In what year was "If Love Were All" written? Pre-Kill Uncle era? I know Moz likes to lift...
  13. Young And Alive

    Girlfriend in a Coma meaning?

    A thought just occurred to me today whilst listening to this song. I thought that maybe the girlfriend being in a coma is a metaphor for his relationship with her being at a standstill - not dead, but not exactly active either. And the relationship could go either way, it could end completely...
  14. Young And Alive

    The "what does the song title mean?" thread

    I've always wondered why The Loop is called that. Can anyone explain? I've also never fully understood the following: Alsatian Cousin (I understand it's a play by Alan Bennett or something along those lines, but I don't know what relevance that bears to the song). Glamorous Glue...
  15. Young And Alive

    Friday Mourning and hidden lyrics

    On the outro when Moz starts his trademark yodelling, it sounds to me like he also repeats the words "about you" and then "in love"...or maybe I'm just hearing things!? Any other hidden or possible lyrics that we've heard in solo and Smiths songs?
  16. Young And Alive

    Hand In Glove - Paris, France - La Mutualité (Oct. 28, 2002)

    Can someone please upload this? Cheers.
  17. Young And Alive

    Moz cameo in Corrie next week?

    There's some bizarre message over on one of the main page stories from a couple of weeks ago saying that Morrissey will appear on Coronation Street on Monday. I take it this is bullshit, right?
  18. Young And Alive

    "Work Is A Four Letter Word" - A Sudden Observation

    It just occurred to me that one of the reasons why Marr may have been displeased at Morrissey's selection of WIAFLW to cover may be because he saw it as a thinly-veiled dig at him for wanting more time off from The Smiths. We all know that Marr wanted a break, whereas Morrissey wanted to get...
  19. Young And Alive

    Moz Solo listed on the Official Site

    In the link section, there is a link for this very website, as well as of course True To You. Do you think Moz still hates us?
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