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  1. roky

    Whatever happened to Julia?

    Yet you hide behind Anonymous. What a rude comment. I will say that she put more into her True To You paper fanzine than most all the other cobbled together Xeroxed B&W zines.
  2. roky

    Most expensive TWWL cassette

    When I saw this auction i couldn't imagine a cassette going for so much but you are right, seems like small potatoes now.. Lol
  3. roky

    What's my collection worth?

    Yeah, I was being generous by the cd's. Also correct about Family Line. A while back they seemed less frequent. But WOW.. It doesn't matter now cause he got a loan.. ;)
  4. roky

    What's my collection worth?

    Yeah, no joke. WOW... Wish you would of mentioned the loan yesterday before I typed all that on a Kindle looking at his CD page and coming back to type and re typing cause my stupid auto correct messes up everything I am trying to type..
  5. roky

    Rarest Smiths/Moz

    I would add a Rank blank to mine. Never have owned one..
  6. roky

    What's my collection worth?

    Hey David, ok knowing they are cds makes it easier. No need to get a list unless other than the Japanese cds you have some off the wall country other than uk, Europe USA and the like. So assuming the are the normal countrys.. Your top three would be Dutch Suedehead, $100 on a good day Family...
  7. roky

    "Morning Starship" single (Jobriath cover) - Messages from Morrissey ~ available 20th March 2019

    I didn't mean Jobriath doing cabaret tunes was embarrassing i was meaning M looking for Jobriath in 1992 when he died in 1983. Huh.. I just thought about this. I think Klaus Nomi died in 1983 as well, in New York. I wonder if he and Jobriath knew of one another? That would of been a good show...
  8. roky

    What's my collection worth?

    It's hard to tell what is vinyl from cd. Can you maybe give a break down just text is fine but like cd, or vinyl, where it is from, promo or not. Stuff like that But obviously your Dutch Suedehead/Entertainment is $100 on a good day, Wrong Note, Ripped promo, Friends promo, semi official boxset...
  9. roky

    "Morning Starship" single (Jobriath cover) - Messages from Morrissey ~ available 20th March 2019

    It's ok. I was expecting a little more. Plus kind of a dull Jobriath song. When I heard "Little Dreamer" for the first time, and it was an unreleased Jobriath song at the time, I instantly thought this would be a fantastic song for Moz to cover. And this was a long time ago. But let me know if...
  10. roky

    Rarest Smiths/Moz

    I believe HIG negative sleeve will always be the number one on any printed list or with the non completiest collector. Just did to the mystique. But completiest know a Zimbabwe ST, or red Hong Kong is probably more rare.
  11. roky

    The outside tour poster question

    I've never seen it. I have the outside your cd. Did it come with a CD or anything?
  12. roky

    Ringleader of the Tormentors vinyl for sale

    No, you forget.. It's Rozzer is a fucking muppet.. :)
  13. roky

    Most expensive TWWL cassette

    I really like that Singles tape. Never seen that one before. you are right about South America tapes. I always look for SA records of any artist i collect or like. They a lot of the times had different artwork or colored vinyl specific to South America. Or SA only released only always in low...
  14. roky

    is it "rare"?

    I wish eBay was just an auction site with no buy it now. That ruined the whole idea of an auction site.
  15. roky

    Morrissey's new covers album - what do we know about it so far?

    Little Dreamer by Jobriath would of been a much better one to cover.
  16. roky

    *mod - please delete*

    hey there, no the printed side is the recorded side, the white label side is four separate test tones. But yeah, they both have the same catalog number and both supposed to come in the Viv Nicholson artwork that was used on the Barbarism German 12" minus the Shakespeares Sister text. Also, some...
  17. roky

    *mod - please delete*

    Was your French Barbarism 12" promo the two sides one? I didn't look when it was listed. I have the French one sided 1 2" promo that was Scott Piering's copy. It has test tones on the B side. What was the catalog number for the two sided?
  18. roky

    Alain Whyte on Joney's Jukebox - interview and performance

    and not to mention all the videos from Arsenal that played on MTV and his appearances live on MtV.
  19. roky

    Chequebooks out

    I went to a record auction in 2014 or so to specifically bid on a Rank blank. I had to drop out at $650. But I did get a MIM Mayking 7" test press and a HSIN 7" beige mis pressed test pressing with Oscillate Wildly on the b side and Jan 18th 1985 and matrix number hand written.
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