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  1. Stefan Krix

    Question on re-released Smiths albums

    Here in Germany, all Smiths CD albums featured in The Smiths Complete have been re-released as jewel case versions on the Wea label again in early 2012. They have used the old sleeves from the 1993 re-release (cropped images of Hatful Of Hollow, Meat Is Murder and The World Won't Listen), but...
  2. Stefan Krix

    New Suedehead (Mael Mix) promo CD-R (different one)

    Has anyone seen this CD-R before??
  3. Stefan Krix

    Minor Difference in the Remastered Louder Than Bombs CD

    I recently bought Louder Than Bombs on CD, the remastered version from The Smiths Complete , as a single disc. As you surely know all eight CDs from that box have meanwhile been released as single CDs in a normal jewel case, too (not on Rhino, but on Wea). I noticed a minor change in the...
  4. Stefan Krix

    Suedehead (Mael Mix): Single release details

    You were, as often, faster than i am. I have just started a similar thread in the Collectors Corner with a picture of the 10"
  5. Stefan Krix

    Suedehead (Mael Mix) - first picture

    Finally, the first picture i've seen of the limited (1000) 10" of Suedehead (Mael Mix) for the forthcoming RSD Here's the source in full:
  6. Stefan Krix

    Glamorous Glue 1 Track - promo CD

    Look what I've Found in my Beer / on eBay (sorry, the addition of an URL does not work for me) On ebay there's a one track promo CD of Glamorous Glue for offer (no, NOT the 1992 one). Has anyone ever seen such a promo???
  7. Stefan Krix

    Glamorous Glue (Saturday Night Live) - additional mp3 to be released

    In addition to the CD and both 7" released in physical form there will also be an addtional .mp3 download offered. According to you can download Glamorous Glue, taken from Saturday Night Life soon (18th April to be precise), but you can listen to a snippet right now...
  8. Stefan Krix

    Re-release of Everyday Is Like Sunday as single bundle?

    While looking for Morrissey related news on the Bona Drag reissue, I found the following entry on the EMI Music UK and Ireland site; it seems to be that EMI plans a bundled re-release of the 1988 single Everyday Is Like Sunday on CD and 2-7". Though the track is originally taken from Viva...
  9. Stefan Krix

    Swords - earlier release date?

    Sorry if the question has been asked previously elsewhere, but has the release of Swords been pushed forward? I see that e.g. now lists a release date for CD and 2-LP for 5th October though the last infomation i got is still 26th October, 2009. As the objectionable EMI...
  10. Stefan Krix

    Let Me Kiss You - clear 7"?

    Found that on eBay - it this the same league as we had with the brown The Youngst Was The Most Loved Single a few months ago? I know that Irish Blood, English Heart was released on clear vinyl, but... Beau? Stephane...
  11. Stefan Krix

    Live At The Hollywood Bowl DVD

    MORRISSEY Live At The Hollywood Bowl DVD out 6th October (UK) Just found that on ebay. Although i have not heart about the release before, it looks quite genuine to me. Have i missed something in the last days??? MORRISSEY LIVE AT THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL UK release date: October 6th 2008...
  12. Stefan Krix

    Paul Heaton (ex-Beautiful South) new solo album out now

    Paul Heaton, ex-singer and lyricist of The Beautiful South, has his second solo album in the (european) shops called The Cross Eyed Rambler. If you like The Housemartins and The Beautiful South as well as witty lyrics, give it a try!
  13. Stefan Krix

    V Download request

    Has anyone ordered the live version(s) of In The Future When All's Well from last weekends V Festival? As they are / were only available for UK residents i can't order them and i'd like to know how they sound.. anyone who can upload them? Are both versions available or just one (Saturday/Sunday?)
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