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  1. AmeliaScoptophilia

    Any tickets for Atlanta?

    Has anyone got an extra ticket for the Variety Playhouse they're lookin' to sell?
  2. AmeliaScoptophilia

    Attention: Vegetarians/Vegans in or around SoCal!

    LA's newest Veggie/Vegan Restaurant opens OCT 18!!! Doomie's Home Cookin brings back American comfort food. Come taste what you've been missing! Doomie's food tastes amazing! If you're a vegetarian/vegan in or around the Los Angeles area, this is a place you'll have to try! I suggest the...
  3. AmeliaScoptophilia

    Morrissey/Smiths font?

    Does anyone know the name of the font(s) that were usually used on the cover of Morrissey or Smiths albums (and on some shirts)? Any help would be muchly appreciated :D! (hope this thread goes in the right place, too.)
  4. AmeliaScoptophilia

    Have you a pomp and live around LA?

    I just got a photo assignment for my photography class and the assignment is to take a picture with a theme/title of a song; naturally, I'm going to shoot a Morrissey/Smiths song (or two.) This brings me to ask: Are they any fantastically quiffed gentlemen (hell, you know what, even a...
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