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  1. fatboz

    Moz buttons/pins/badges

    have 2 moz small buttons/pins/badges $5. shipping in the USA is $2. message me if outside the USA. also can make any button/badge, just message me an image
  2. fatboz

    TTY: Book Signatures

    i'm sure all these will sell, plus he probably signed them all with his free time in the hospital
  3. fatboz

    Johnny Marr asked about Morrissey's new album in NME (June 14, 2014)

    yes that is exactly it. I've met johnny before and he was the nicest person. he is there to promote his new work and not talk about morrisseys work. a better question would have been, what do you do to yourself to fulfill all your concert dates. he could have given his healthy routine. that...
  4. fatboz

    Morrissey Viva Hate poster for sale

    I have an old viva hate poster for sale. ask any questions. This is a full size 24x 36 poster. $70 and free shipping worldwide. poster is in mint condition.
  5. fatboz

    Morrissey Irish blood Attack CLEAR 45 made in USA record

    i have for sale the Clear 45 of this record. record is in mint condition and only played several times. Make me an fair offer and for the right price, i will let it go. shipping to the USA is $5. i will ship internationally and will find rates
  6. fatboz

    Morrissey photo with chef and owner of Mona Lisa restaurant in Oslo

    nice to see moz left the sweatpants at home for this one
  7. fatboz

    Cancelled Dallas Show in 2014?

    it is 100% a system problem glitch. the palladium is now called the southside ballroom, and the feb 2013 date was to make up for his already cancelled dallas show from november 2012
  8. fatboz

    Morrissey NOT invited to Nobel Artist celebration after KFC comments

    well this is the smart way to get his performance cancelled. now we don't have to speculate till show time whether he will be there or no. I guess events like 9/11 happen at KFC daily
  9. fatboz

    Morrissey 'aging gracefully' among his peers - djrioblog

    yeah i agree that robert smith looks like death, but he plays shows for 3+ hours, dives deep into the cure discography and never cancels. I would take morrissey looking bad all day if he could do those three things. I must say seeing DM on every tour, Dave gahan looks real good, especially...
  10. fatboz

    Article: “Morrissey has two albums’ worth of songs ready,” says guitarist Jesse Tobias - Uncut (Jan.

    Re: "Morrissey has two albums worth of songs ready" - Jesse Tobias hahahaha
  11. fatboz

    Article: “Morrissey has two albums’ worth of songs ready,” says guitarist Jesse Tobias - Uncut (Jan.

    yes, but are those 2 album worth of songs actually good or subpar albums
  12. fatboz

    Morrissey to sing three songs at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert - Dec 11th

    hahaha, yeah why is he back? why did he leave? what happened to the other guy? so many questions
  13. fatboz

    Morrissey - 25: Live, Live at Hollywood High (2013)

    i have it, just message me and i will figure out how to get it to you. - - - Updated - - - 'i do, just message me and we will figure out how to get it to you
  14. fatboz

    PETA 2013 stamps featuring Morrissey and other notable vegetarians; how bacon is made video - TTY

    Re: Morrissey featured on a Peta stamp featuring other notable vegetarians TTY hahahahaha man, i am gonna get some blossom stamps asap
  15. fatboz

    I met my guitar hero johnny marr last night and i was truly truly disapointed.

    yeah i met him after a show and he signed anything smiths related and spent about as much time with individual fans as he could and was super nice. im just glad i didn't have him sign my viva hate lp
  16. fatboz

    Demi Lovoto wears The Smiths

    well she does have a history of psychological issues, so maybe she is down with the smiths. however, if morrissey saw this, i think it would give him a hearrrrrrrrttttt attttttttttttttttack i once saw an urban outfitters smith shirt, with craig gannon and no marr. it was a pic from moz early...
  17. fatboz

    Morrissey injured - out of hospital

    good thing he didn't get hit by a 10 ton truck
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