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    Jack the Ripper ( Live Version )

    Can anybody tell me whether the live version on "Beethoven was Deaf" is the same as that which appears on " My Early Burglary Years" ? Thanks Zulu
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    Greatest Hits or Bona Drag ?

    I have spare copies of "Greatest Hits" and "Bona Drag"..Which is more appropriate to give as a gift to a friend who has never heard any Moz/Smiths before ? Now both feature the heavyweights Suedehead , Sunday & Playboys. So the question is between recent hits like Irish blood , first of gang...
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    Funny Moz lyrics

    Morrissey is considered by many as the Prince of Gloom or , better still , the Master of Misery. However , many ( including the late-and-great John Peel ) have said that some of his lyrics had made them laugh:lbf: What do you consider to be his funniest lines ? I'll start with the classic...
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    How much do The Smiths/Morrissey constitute from your time spent listening to music ?

    I was just wondering what is the percentage of time you spend listening to The Smiths and/or Morrissey Solo over that spent listening to music in general. As for me , upon the release of Years of Refusal , my interest in Smiths/Moz music was rekindled to the extent that since February of this...
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    Smiths/Moz website with excerpts of song lyrics ?

    I've recently come across a Smiths/Moz website that lists their songs with excerpts of each song's prominent lyrics ( Not the whole lyrics but only standout verses)...Alas I did not save it as a favourite.... Anyone knows what I'm talking about ? Thanks
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    Sweet and tender hooligan lyrics

    The above song features the following lyrics : 'IN THE MIDST OF LIFE WE ARE IN DEBT ETC!" and "How will you find me, find me, find me, find me, find me, find me, find me ? Oh ETC! ETC! ETC! ETC! ETC! ETC! ETC! ETC! ETC! ETC!" What do you reckon is meant with the extensive use of ETC ...
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    Which song is much better live ?

    Which Smiths/Morrissey song is consistently much better when played live ? For me I much prefer the live version of "I know it's over" found in "Rank" over the studio version in "The queen is dead"..I also prefer "Jack the ripper" played live over the bland studio version. Well , what...
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    New Morrissey songs ?

    Anyone knows if Morrissey has penned new songs recently ? What are the chances of a new studio album with new songs within the next 24 months ? Thanks , Merci , Grazie , Danke shoen , Gracias , Shkran , Tak , Efkharistow , Dannevaad , Teshekkur , Terima Kasee , Kaap kuun krap , etc.....
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    "Maladjusted" versus "Ammunition"

    I have noticed a lot of people in these forums who adore the song "Maladjusted" and a lot more who bash "Ammunition"......I was shocked to know that Maladjusted got 8.33 points in last year's poll while Ammunition only got 6.75 !!! I can't seem to like Maladjusted (although I've tried). The...
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    What is the meaning of "pashernate" ?

    The song "pashernate love" is one of my favourites.But what is the meaning of the word "pashernate" ? I tried the dictionary to no avail. Is it only another way of spelling passionate ? I hope this is not a silly question as English happens NOT to be my native tongue. THANKS
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    Which of these 'epic" songs do you prefer ?

    Which of these 'Epic" Morrissey tracks do you prefer ?
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    Which of these two albums (expanded versions) will you take on your exile?

    If you were exiled on a desert island and were allowed ONLY one album.Which of these two newly-released expanded versions would you take with you ?
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    What is your favourite track on "Swords" ?

    What is your favourite track from the forthcoming album "Swords" ?
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