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  1. Alex_Smith

    25 years of Strangeways, Here We Come

    Hello, I share with you an special (in spanish) celebrating the 25th anniversary of The Smiths last album "STRANGEWAYS, HERE WE COME": Ale Kapacevich TYPICAL ME
  2. Alex_Smith

    Req: Record Collector, June 2003

    I've tried to download what Dave2006 posted in this thread but the links are dead. Could anyone repost this article, especially the one with the Secret Songwritting Influences? Thanks in advance...
  3. Alex_Smith

    The Smiths - The Hand That Rocks The Cradle (bootleg vinyl rip)

    I know that already exist various versions of this bootleg. But here's mine, direct from the vinyl: MP3 320 kbps Vinyl >> Mixer >> Sound Forge Pro >> Wavs >> MP3 PROCESS: Click and Crackle Removal >> Normalize at 0dB Enjoy, ALE
  4. Alex_Smith

    The Headmaster Ritual - 12" vinyl (1985)

    How collectible is the first The Headmaster Ritual LP made in Netherlands? I bought it yesterday in an excellent condition. I know that already exists two reissues but only for the 7" version: Rhino Box Set (UK, 2008) and Record Store Day (US, 2009). Thanks, ALEX
  5. Alex_Smith

    Request: That's how people grow up - Live Letterman 07

    Please, can anyone upload the video of "That's How People Grow Up (Live at David Letterman, 2007)" via rapidshare or sendspace? Megaupload doesn´t work for me. I would love to see it! Thanks, Alex.
  6. Alex_Smith

    Request: I´m a poet - Colorado

    Please, can anyone upload this bootleg on 192 K quality or more: I´M A POET - COLORADO 1 October 1992 Colorado University Fieldhouse, Boulder, CO Many thanks, Alex.
  7. Alex_Smith

    Request: The Father Who Must Be Killed (live)

    Anyone have any decent version of this song live? In the tour the band play that song in other tune, like I'll never be... Thanks, Alex.
  8. Alex_Smith

    I Want The One I Can´t Have (Live)

    Anyone have this b-side from "I Just Want To See The Boy Happy" single? Please.... :) Alex
  9. Alex_Smith

    2006 B-Sides: Co-authors

    I want to know who are the co-authors of these 2006 B-Sides: 1) Christian Dior 2) If you don't like me, don´t look at me 3) Good looking man about town 4) I knew I was next 5) Ganglord 6) Sweetie-pie Thanks, Alex.
  10. Alex_Smith

    Request: THE SMITHS, 06 August 1986

    THE SMITHS "Money Changes Everything" Pier 84, NEW YORK, USA - 06 August 1986 Medium audience recording. ----------------------------------------- Anyone have this bootleg? Codreanu, dallow_bg? I've downloaded some years ago but it has errors in various tracks. Alex
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