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  1. TheNightingale

    National Day of Prayer

    Today May 7th, 2009 is National Day of Prayer in the US. I was thinking this would be a good place for anyone to leave a prayer request, I know there are a few pray-er hanging around here who would gladly take a few moments for you. Or if it's too personal you may PM me and I will pray for...
  2. TheNightingale

    The J Theorem

    Has anyone ever noticed that Morrissey seems to be closely surrounded by people who's first names begin with the letter "J"? It seems like this is true more so than any other type of name. Of course I don't know every private confidante of the man but let me list some examples: Jackie...
  3. TheNightingale

    1 Ticket Front Row Boz-side Ann Arbor

    For sale. I've found myself with one extra and I'm selling it at the price I paid: $160. It is Main Floor Left, row C which is the front row in this section, see seating chart Cash only please and I can either meet up in person...
  4. TheNightingale


    Has anyone else ever noticed that The Moz Father rarely (if ever) wears belts? No big, just thought it was curious.
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