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  1. Luxia

    Lift Barcelona to Murcia

    Is there anybody who can give us a lift from Barcelona to Murcia? 30. April or early 01. May for two persons. Would be nice to meet kind peope, share petrol costs and hear good music.
  2. Luxia

    Adorable laughing Morrissey

    Perhaps it´s already been posted before, but this video is really unmissable.
  3. Luxia

    Searching 1 Ticket for The Admiral Bar After-Show-Party 21/03 Glasgow

    I´m looking for a ticket for the Strangeways After-show-party at the Admiral-Bar in Glasgow. Travelling alone, it would be nice to have entrance for the party after the gig. If there´s anybody who has left an admission, please let me know. Thanks.
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