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  1. Bowie Boy

    Wollongong - October 29 2016

    This was one of the up and down Moz shows. He was a little strange early on. Had the sniffles and was going to walk off stage at one point..... All in all, an interesting show. "When The Bullfighter Dies" is cut very short due to crowd problems at the front...
  2. Bowie Boy

    Newcastle - October 31 2016

    This is perhaps one of my more enjoyable recordings over the years. Good sound, little to no background noise and a fantastic set list. Feel free to pass this around...enjoy! :)
  3. Bowie Boy

    Canberra Royal Theatre - October 28 2016

    This is my recording of the show in full....had a few issues with the girl next to me singing, talking and clapping all the way through. she had fun but it sadly shows up throughout the entire recording. Not too bad but just enough to be a little frustrating. Enjoy...
  4. Bowie Boy

    Melbourne Festival Hall - October 22 2016

    Hi all, Here is my recording of last nights show....enjoy and pass around. :)
  5. Bowie Boy

    1 Woolongong GA ticket for sale

    Hi all, I have been left with a spare GA for Woolongong and will be happy to meet in Melbourne, Canberra or the Gong to sell. Face value of course. My mobile number is 0413082658 or you can add me on FB. :) Looking forward to these shows! :)
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