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  1. carnal artist

    Dietician asked to assess Morrissey's diet

    NME: "We asked a dietician to assess Morrissey’s weird diet. She said “it could increase stress and aggression…”"
  2. carnal artist

    "You and Yours" - Morrissey dead ringers parody (BBC Radio 4)

    Don't know if this has already been posted - but this was on BBC Radio 4. For some reason they've used a Morrissey Parody in the context of emptying bins in Guildford... Odd... ('Like a welcome blister after a long walk.') Morrissey Loves You and Yours. Sort of. - BBC Radio 4 iPlayer...
  3. carnal artist

    Albert Hall B sides

    The effect of listening to these performances from 2002 is to put the current shows/songs into context. (Especially in relation to the incredible version of Speedway.) In 2002 there is desperate, passionate energy - a sense of battling for survival - the urgency and importance of every...
  4. carnal artist


    Where can i buy tickets for the Hamburg gig online? (So that they'll send them to the UK.) Quite fancy a trip to Germany...
  5. carnal artist

    Who are the people in the new pics on the main page?

    Who is the waving guy? And who's the woman in front of the bird's eye view photo?
  6. carnal artist

    In the light of all the fake set lists

    Does anyone else think that it's time to disallow anon posters from the main (news etc) part of the site? This to discourage the people who are just purely lying. The fake set lists are beginning to discredit the whole site. This used to be a place where we could come to be quietly...
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