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  1. Strange Fear

    Victoria Wood

    I was wondering if someone could please upload Fourteen Again by Victoria Wood. Thank you:)
  2. Strange Fear

    Morrissey/Smiths Interview

    Hi I was wondering if someone could upload four audio interviews. I lost them when my comp got cleaned out. First one is an interview with Morrissey, Smiths era. It features the song Anyone Who Had A Heart by Dionne Warwick. Morrissey talks about James Dean, Oscar Wilde, Terrence Stamp and...
  3. Strange Fear

    Santa Barbara

    Just wondering if anyone else is going to SB?:)
  4. Strange Fear

    Hatfull's 4000th post

    Hello I just wanted to give congrats to Hatfull!!!!!! :) CONGRATULATIONS:)
  5. Strange Fear


    Hello I was just wondering if anyone had an mp3 download of Morrissey's version of trash during the Kill Uncle tour? Thanks:)
  6. Strange Fear

    I want a boy for my birthday

    I know someone had already uploaded it, but it expired. I was just wondering if someone could upload it again. Thanks:)
  7. Strange Fear

    Newlywed Game

    Okay, I'll start with a question. I'll ask one of the partners a question about the other partner. That person answers, and then the other partner saids if it is true or not. If the rules seem confusing, well Í'll try explaining them again.
  8. Strange Fear

    James Dean's 76th Birthday

    Today would be James Dean's 76th birthday. I just hope he's happy wherever he is and I wish the great man a happy birthday. He is and will always be loved.
  9. Strange Fear

    KUIPER'S 2000th post

    Kuiper, Kui, your 2000th post, where does the time go? CONGRATULATIONS!
  10. Strange Fear


    Sorry for my ignorance, but how do you download from Megaupload? I know how to download from sendspace, but not from Megaupload.
  11. Strange Fear

    Morrissey Margi Clarke Interview

    I don't know if any of you have seen this video, but those who haven't here it is. It's a very charming interview and we even see Morrissey acting.
  12. Strange Fear

    Red Lightning

    I haven't seen a thread about this yet. As it was posted on the main page, Red Lightning has broken up. I guess Red Lightning was just a temporary thing. Maybe Alain Whyte will return to Morrissey's band, we'll see.
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