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  1. Right Whinger

    I fear Moz will miss out on a top ten placing tomorrow

    I thought that until I listened to them. I reckon these live versions are far better than the studio versions and therefore I am pleased I bought the singles.
  2. Right Whinger

    good news for the Castro fans

    From my Avatar you can probably tell where I stand on this. I think the thing to remember is that when others talk of the great literacy rate in Cuba, remember that its all very well being able to read but when you are only allowed to read Communist media then whats the point.
  3. Right Whinger

    Morrissey - Lazio Scarf?

    Lets hope so! Not all Lazio fans are Nazi's mate.
  4. Right Whinger

    Vh2 (uk)

    My Saturday morning routine is usually, cup of tea, egg on toast and VH2. I switched the TV on this morning to be horrified that VH2 has been replaced with VH2 flux. All RnB and shit, even Ms Spears has made an appearance! Out of the 8 million channels I get with NTL this was the one channel...
  5. Right Whinger

    Considering going veggie

    I dont like all the Quorn stuff but just sampled some Quorn Bramley Apple 'burgers'. Very very nice!
  6. Right Whinger

    Considering going veggie

    Hello all Not posted for ages but wanted some of you to know I am still veggie. Cant say its been easy of late especially with a holiday in Vienna and Slovakia, meat and potato is very much the fare. Was even resigned to having to eat meat but a bit of improvisation and weathering the...
  7. Right Whinger

    What Is Your Hobby?

    Um Football referee Watching Cambridge City Football Club Reading - always have 3/4 books on the go Learning Bass guitar Collecting East German ostalgic items Watching DVDs - tv is shite so always return to my trusty DVD collection.
  8. Right Whinger

    George Hizb-alloway and the new Nazism

    Its people like you that embarrass the 'Right'. Why are those posters 'Fascist'? I am not a Fascist but still think Israel should vacate the Occupied Territories. And what they are doing in lebanon absolutely stinks.
  9. Right Whinger

    reader meet author

    How about Enid Blyton? Can you imagine meeting her and all she says is 'f*ck' this and ''f*ck' that would be bit of a culture shock.
  10. Right Whinger

    reader meet author

    H G Wells or /and Aldous Huxley as they were real visionaries and way ahead of their time. Also wouldn't mind a cup of tea and a chat with George Orwell.
  11. Right Whinger


    Absolutely and without your support I would still be a wretched carnivore!! So you can do it with us on your side Bona!
  12. Right Whinger


    Yes Bona keep us informed mate! Get on the celery sticks instead!
  13. Right Whinger

    the middle east

    I do know my history hence saying something you obviously didnt like. I am not anti the Israeli people, I am not anti the Lebanese folk either but people need to remember the backdrop to this.
  14. Right Whinger

    the middle east

    'ANY DEMOCRATIC STATE HAS THE RIGHT TO DEFEND HERSELF' But you did not take your land without using force did you? I don't condone the terrorists at all but I think the whole historical backdrop has to be understood. Yes Hamas took power in Gaza but so did Sinn Fein/IRA do well in Northern...
  15. Right Whinger

    the middle east

    Israel has one of the best Intelligence agencies in the world Mossad. They will know where Hezbollah are and dont need to drop bombs all over the Lebanon. They are both as bad as each other but in the eyes of the world Israel can do no wrong which is very worrying. Can you imagine the...
  16. Right Whinger

    embarrassing information about friends or family?

    Our biggest family secret is historically interesting. My grandfather when he was a teenager joined Mosley's Blackshirts in London. My great- grandfather kicked him out of the house over it. As soon as war was declared though the signed up and fought the fascists. Nobody in the family...
  17. Right Whinger


    I used to drink loads of tea but I gave it up when I packed in the smokes. The association is too strong. Try fruit juice or something else instead - also eat a stick of celery when the craving comes - worked for me and you actually burn more calories eating it! I learnt so much about myself...
  18. Right Whinger


    You cannot beat the feeling of achievement you get when you kick the habit. I couldnt stop smiling for weeks. Seriously outweighed any other achievement in my life.
  19. Right Whinger


    I used to be a very heavy smoker, 40 a day man. One Friday afternoon about 2 years ago I was in the car park at work having a smoke and I thought to myself 'shit its only a week since pay day and I am skint already - why? Its my 10 quid a day smoking habit. At least £300 a month'. So I bought...
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