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  1. little stripey socks

    Sleeveface- Mozz pics and miscellaneous... cool!

    loads more here- website-
  2. little stripey socks

    Mozz/Smiths googleimage charades! (a game)

    an easy one to start with- song, two words;
  3. little stripey socks

    'Panic!'- in picture form!

    The streets of London The Streets of Birmingham (shurely shome mishtake?- Editor) Armley, Leeds- some side streets that you slip down There is no such place as 'the Grasmere'. However, there is a place called Grasmere in the Lake District The streets of Carlisle...
  4. little stripey socks

    I love myself- the self-praise thread!

    well, I'm a bloody good singer, and I write good songs as well... and I have been known to be quite amusing on occasion :D yr turn!
  5. little stripey socks

    My entire Doherty collection

    Untitled Waking up alive in London beaches of muddy iron filings bubbled under puddles of rain soaped wet water Fitzrovia splashes in the dips of her curbs as I slip a folded fifty in to a clammy glove and skip off the pavement by the ‘Kebabish City’ lick lick fry chick chat does...
  6. little stripey socks

    A Thread for Self-Deprecation!

    ok, me first- I'm old- people half my age have achieved the success I thought might be mine one day, I'm getting paunchy, alcoholic; I still try to make an effort with my appearance but no-one's interested, the only job I ever held down was as a cleaner in hospitals/ old people's homes. My...
  7. little stripey socks

    Morrissey on Brookside circa 1988 (clip)

    I wasn't sure where to post this- it's only a crappy wee clip of poor quality, but I liked it, so here it is!
  8. little stripey socks

    a personal challenge

    I wonder if I can quote a song, preferably a Moz one in every post? that'd be quite something, wouldn't it? I suppose it could get a bit annoying, but then these are the ways on which I was raised... I'll do it till I get bored I guess...
  9. little stripey socks

    My letter to the Independent Re Mozzgate

    This pretty much summed up my feelings over the last few days, though this story is changing all the time, as are my feelings. The bottom line is- I don't think, and have never thought, that Morrissey is racist. to; [email protected] Sir: I am following the spat between Morrissey...
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