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  1. surewhynot

    Boy with Thorn 7" Italian mispressed promo Good snag! If it's legit I'd certainly like to learn more about it. Non-production Thorn's are of the rarest out there IMO.
  2. surewhynot

    FS: HIG 12x24 Cartel (NM)

    Any takers? PM reasonable offers. Corners and edges fantastic, paper weights not included. Cleanest example I've owned.
  3. surewhynot

    Taking offers for a VINX 71 (Italian William/HSIN 12" mispress)

    Photos attached of sleeve and record labels. Can't guarantee it, but vinyl looks unused. These seemed to disappear from the market a while back, so I am entertaining offers. Please PM if interested.
  4. surewhynot

    'HSIN' tour shirts?

    Are the t-shirts featuring the Sean Barrett HSIN single images on front and "How Soon Is Now?" in big type on back legit tour shirts? I have one that has all the indicators of an old ass shirt, mind you it's in great shape. Just wasn't sure as the tour merch still seems to be generally up in the...
  5. surewhynot

    Morrissey 'There Is a Light' 2-CD (Music of Smiths/Moz) Promo Set and Family Line French Promo CD

    I am considering parting with these and am open to offers. The CDs are all in VG shape (play great on my system.) The card sleeves are both in excellent shape, with the left inner fold out side of TIAL having WB/record label employee annotations inked aside some of the track list entries. Not...
  6. surewhynot

    60x40 Ask tour poster value?

    What's one of these worth to someone nowadays? It's the olive green and beige tour poster ending at Brixton with the cover a la Aussie Ask / heart hold pose.
  7. surewhynot

    subway poster sale

    Subway posters for sale. Auction ends Sunday. 1.) Shoplifters 2.) I Started Something 3.) Hatful of Hollow
  8. surewhynot

    Swedish, French, German test pressings

    These are basically a blanket entry for #15 of RC2014, with the 7" German 'Stop Me' being the particular example in the listing. Was hoping some would share photos/stories (how obtained, how many others like it you've seen) of their own, as you never seem to see them around.
  9. surewhynot

    Smiths lolli kid shirt

    Was this shirt ever made in green text on black background with the modified lolli kid + morrissey holding heart photo? There is some incomplete documentation on PJLM that perhaps suggests this could have been the case for the US leg of the QID tour but I am unsure. Anyone?
  10. surewhynot

    7" solid center Biem/ncb UK swedish exports for Girlfriend, Sheila

    Considering offers. EX/EX PM me if interested. Pics when I dig them out
  11. surewhynot

    M-Solo forum integrated marketplace (eBay alternative) - voice your support

    Technically not a sale thread but wanted everyone to be informed that I brought this up to davidt in the lesser viewed 'Suggestions' forum. With eBay final value fees approaching 10% at the least, I asked about integrating auction house functionality into the vBulletin system used by this site...
  12. surewhynot

    vBulletin auction integration for Marketplace

    Has database integration with this functionality ever come up? There seem to be 3rd party integrators out there who have mentioned this feature being possible. The Smiths/Moz collectibles market is insanity. eBay is up to 10% final value fees and that's only the start of it. Might be a good way...
  13. surewhynot

    interesting "1984" raglan "tour shirt" :P 1984 tour shirt with SLC backdrop...with tour dates I never knew existed! Germany to Texas in one day, in December! Who makes these shirts??? :lbf:
  14. surewhynot

    Smiths S/T 12" true test pressing? Is Germany really the only one?

    I have the German 12", and referencing PJLM I am not seeing a 12" TP for eponymous, only white label promos... not even in the UK or US, but just Germany. What's up with that?
  15. surewhynot

    Morrissey tour pass - need help identifying

    Legit tour pass? Info needed: what tour, specific date if possible, etc. Thanks,
  16. surewhynot

    White label TPs of S/T German, Rank France Echillon label

    Self-titled Germany test pressing Rank, France, Virgin VI 70630 with Enchantillon labels Anyone have these? Anyone want them? :)
  17. surewhynot

    Heaven Knows 12" A1/B1

    What does one of these go for nowadays?
  18. surewhynot

    Boy With Thorn - Test pressings and the Vanderquest video... how rare are they?

    Am I the only one with these? Just wondering if anyone else has them. - Vanderquest VHS with contact # - 7" with affixed "factory sample" sticker on label
  19. surewhynot

    There is a Light - WEA 7" (1992) - Identify me!

    I'm having trouble identifying the label type on this TIAL re-release. Paper label (removed) edition, Silver-injection mould edition or, Jukebox (before punching?) edition? Will be listing it today and want to be specific on what it is. Thanks
  20. surewhynot

    Some subway posters you don't see every day. Appraise me!

    I've seen the That Joke and Bigmouth here and there but have noticed these are getting fairly hard to come by. They are just massive, and walking into a room with them on the wall is somewhat majestic and just borderline surreal. Not sure if I'm necessarily looking to part with them, but I have...
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